The ONE THING your church must get right this year

I just began reading the book ONE Thing and I can't wait to see what wisdom I glean from it as I begin a New Year. The premise of the book is very compelling. Basically, it addresses the truth that we often don't accomplish what is possible because we try to do too much. It challenges us to focus on the ONE THING that we need to get done in a given timeframe.

What does that look like for your church? No doubt, there are several things you want to 'get right' this year. It might be improving retention, increasing your volunteer base, expanding your outreach or paying off debt. Whatever you’re hoping to accomplish this year, there is one thing I believe you must 'get right' because it sets the foundation for accomplishing every other ministry objective. What is it? Some call it Assimilation. I prefer to call it connections. Whatever you call it, it's all about making sure that your church has a rock-solid process for connecting people to ministry.

Here are three reasons improving your Connections process should be a top priority for your church this year:

  1. Connection leads to healthy church growth.
    Connections is a core function of church growth that often falls in the shadow of outreach. Most church leaders are satisfied as long as new visitors outpace the number of people slipping out the back door. The inherent flaw in that thinking is that it assumes a steady influx of new visitors. That model also ignores the pent-up potential of people who want to go deeper but can’t find the path that best aligns with their unique gifts and passions.

    A well-designed Connections process can make a huge impact on helping people engage and stick long-term. But it goes beyond that.

  2. Connection is essential for life change.
    There is a reason some churches are full of spectators. Profound teaching has the potential to challenge the way people think, but it requires much more if you want to empower sustainable life change.

    Churches that value Connections understand that life change happens when you help your church members become the ministry, which only happens when you effectively help people engage the culture and mission of your church.

  3. Connection keeps people the priority.
    Having an effective Connections process is essential for 'knowing' your church members more deeply and helping them touch and feel and make an impact that matters to them. It also means taking the time to understand their 'wiring' and proactively helping them serve in places that align with who God created them to be.

When we take the steps to invest in our Connections process, it often leads to more committed, engaged, and passionate church communities.

Making sure your church has a solid process for moving people towards becoming fully engaged members is the best way to improve the overall growth and health of your church.

If you’re ready to enhance your church’s Connections process, I’d definitely encourage you to download an eBook our team recently created called 'Four Processes that Drive How People Connect to Your Church.' In it, you’ll learn how to develop a Connections process or improve your current system in a way that makes an eternal impact.

How does your church ensure that people are getting plugged in to ministry?

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Posted by Steve Caton on January 01, 2014