Tony Morgan gets his groove on with new ebook

I have a great deal of respect for Tony Morgan. He loves the local church and has a huge heart for ministry. He also has a sharp eye for good process and understands that solid business principles can also have a place in ministry. Add the fact that he loves baseball, how can you not like him?!

A little over a year ago, Church Community Builder had the opportunity to partner with Tony in The Leisure Suit Series; a collection of four eBooks which highlight how good systems and processes can help churches be more effective in their mission. This was way more than a marketing opportunity for us. We saw it as a tangible expression of the passion we have to help "guide church leaders to a better how." The principles and strategies Tony covers in the series are among the most important ones that we empower with our technology and coaching.

We are thrilled to once again partner with Tony Morgan to release the fourth and final eBook in the series—Get Your Groove On: 12 Ideas to Help You Communicate Through Change. This edition examines the messages we send when we’re not on the platform. This ebook is chocked full of practical tips that will cause you to pause and consider if your Monday through Saturday messaging is effective. I am confident your church will find immediate application to what you'll read.

The first eBook in the series, The Leisure Suit Trap: 8 Reasons Your Church Is Stuck, focuses on why churches get stuck. The second installment, Hanging Up the Leisure Suit: How to Get Unstuck, addressed out-of-date, out-of-touch, or just plain every-day-as-normal church environments, systems, and processes. The third eBook, Stayin’ Alive: Build a Legacy of Leadership, examines leadership practices when you’re off the platform.

In Get Your Groove On: 12 Ideas to Help You Communicate Through Change, Tony points out that all churches are sending out messages (marketing) but many are not intentional about their messaging. He outlines some important points: know who you’re trying to reach, know what you’re trying to accomplish, consider what it is like to be new, and be intentional with your online strategies.

You don’t want to miss Tony’s thought provoking and practical insight that will help your church move beyond functional to relevant. It has been an honor for us to be a part of the journey.

Which eBook in this series is your favorite? Why?

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Posted by Steve Caton on July 11, 2012