Top church leadership posts of 2011

The new year is already in motion. In case you are interested in revisiting a few of my church leadership thoughts from 2011, here are the five most popular posts:

  1. 12 ways churches flail: A breakdown of 12 common characteristics of churches that are missing it.
  2. 10 ways to encourage your church to use CCB: Top 10 list of tips to help drive adoption of Church Community Builder within your church family.
  3. Vision without value means nothing!: Balancing vision and value is the key to seeing results. Vision without value keeps people busy. Value without vision keeps people guessing.
  4. Measuring impact: 9 areas every church should measure: Nine points of reference for measuring impact. Hint: it’s more than just giving and attendance.
  5. 3 Common ruts churches fall into: A trio of problems churches may not even recognize that are crippling impact.

So tell me, did you have a favorite post in 2011? What would you like to see more of in 2012?

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Posted by Steve Caton on January 10, 2012