At Church Community Builder, our journey will always be about trying to provide insight that helps you, as church leaders, be more effective. We are so much more than a software company! God has blessed us with a lot of amazing people who have experience in church leadership and a tremendous heart for the local church (and church leaders like you!). This blog is inviting you into the conversations we have on a daily basis. We want to hear your voice as you lead from the frontlines of Kingdom work!

3 Challenges Every Church Faces: Assimilation

While many churches implement a number of systems to help them manage the metrics that help them carry out their mission, assimilation often gets lost in the shuffle.

But assimilation, the process through which we forge interpersonal connections, plays a critical role in creating disciples. Assimilation – by fostering intimate relationships and interactions – lays the foundation for meaningful emersion in the church, and subsequently, intentional discipleship.

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3 Challenges Every Church Faces: Engagement

Every church seeks to inspire its visitors to move from first-time guests to fully engaged members. This, however, can prove difficult for church leaders when silos and disconnected data can keep them from being able to track every church member’s involvement.

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How to Recruit the Volunteers You Need for Easter

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: People want to help. They genuinely, truly and sincerely want to help. So when it comes to recruiting – and retaining – volunteers, the problem is not the interest of the person in your pew. Instead, it’s that we expect that they will seek us out and ask to serve.

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How Your Church Management Software Helps You Cultivate Online Giving

While we all know that online giving is on the rise and more dollars are going digital, there is, however, still a general lack of awareness about how online giving helps church leaders connect with people on a deeper level.

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