At Church Community Builder, our journey will always be about trying to provide insight that helps you, as church leaders, be more effective. We are so much more than a software company! God has blessed us with a lot of amazing people who have experience in church leadership and a tremendous heart for the local church (and church leaders like you!). This blog is inviting you into the conversations we have on a daily basis. We want to hear your voice as you lead from the frontlines of Kingdom work!

How to Know Which Metrics Matter Most to Your Church

Quick — which metrics do you track within your church? 

If you can answer that question easily, then we’ve got another one for you: What are they telling you?

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Is Your Ministry a Forest or a Garden?

How much time are you spending ‘tending’ your individual ministries?

As we work with churches to help them grow their ministries, we find that many church leaders are investing thousands of hours every year on their individual ministry efforts. They’re recruiting volunteers, they’re using scheduling software, they’re creating communications about ministry activities and dealing with the dozens of administrative details that come with trying to create an active, engaged community of believers. And they’re often burning themselves out in the process.

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Why Church Leaders Shouldn’t Go It Alone

Leading a church can feel like one of the loneliest jobs in the world. Given the nature of your work in ministry, it may not feel like there are many people you can rely on for advice or who can understand what your life and work are really like. Before you know it, you’re alone and isolated in your ministry work and wondering if you’ve got what it takes. 

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New Preferred Service Provider: YouDiscoverTruth

The Bible is an amazing work. Even those who’ve been studying it for years regularly find new truths hidden in its pages. For many of us, gaining a simple, fast, and authentic understanding of God’s Word is challenging. That’s why we’re glad to announce our new partnership with the discipleship app from 3Cord, YouDiscoverTruth.

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