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Surviving the Dreaded Summer Slump



The dreaded ‘summer slump.’ It happens every year, and every church leader knows exactly what those words mean: a drop in attendance, decreased participation, and reduced giving. Your church gains great momentum coming out of Easter – lives are changed and your attendance is at an all-time high – but then Memorial Day weekend creeps up.

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What You Need to Do Now to Meet Your Year-End Giving Goals

Now is the perfect time, as you’re launching into your fall ministries, to prepare your year-end giving campaign.

We know, we know—your ministry teams likely don’t think they can add one more thing to their schedules. But when you’re in the thick of year-end preparations and holiday activities, you’ll have a solid plan and communication pieces ready to go—and you’ll thank us!

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How to Exceed Your Year-End Giving Goals

As you’re in the midst of your fall ministry kick-off activities, you can’t afford to forget about what’s coming—your year-end giving campaigns and projects. If you do, you may miss out on a chance to meet and even exceed those goals.

We’ve talked before about what makes people really want to give to your church. People give to a vision, not to a line item or a budget or a “project.” As you think about your year-end giving communications, that’s a principle you can’t afford to forget.

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5 Keys for Financial Success This Fall

The momentum for the fall season is starting—kids are heading back to school, the nights are lengthening, and there are so many stacks of notebooks in every store. (School supply nerds, unite!) The same momentum is building in churches across the country as ministries get re-started for the fall and new programs get ready for launch.

And each one of those ministries has to be financed.

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