At Church Community Builder, our journey will always be about trying to provide insight that helps you, as church leaders, be more effective. We are so much more than a software company! God has blessed us with a lot of amazing people who have experience in church leadership and a tremendous heart for the local church (and church leaders like you!). This blog is inviting you into the conversations we have on a daily basis. We want to hear your voice as you lead from the frontlines of Kingdom work!

April 2016: A Little Spring Cleaning

As this season of housecleaning in the software draws to a close, we took the opportunity to release a few more fixes and usability improvements. They're coming this next Wednesday, April 27.

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September 2016: Improved Security and Scheduling

This month's release is going to introduce new features and redesigns that will provide a better and more secure online giving experience, and ease your Sunday morning stress with improved volunteer management tools. This upcoming Thursday, September 8, we'll be rolling out these exciting new changes — and we think you're going to love them.

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August 2016: More Powerful Tools and Data

As school starts and you gear up for your fall programs, we've been concentrating on making our software a better experience for you, and we are happy to deliver some amazing fixes and improvements to existing features. We are especially excited for the release of our revamped Metrics dashboard on August 25.  This updated toolset consolidates your critical data into easy-to-understand graphics that are always available and up-to-date to help you make better decisions. If your church has the Deluxe version of our software, your new Metrics tools will automatically give you even more access to and control over the kind of data you need to see. Please note this new dashboard will be visible to all Master Administrators and Executive Pastors as designated in your church's software.

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Empowering Leaders With the Metrics They Need

Here at Church Community Builder, we believe that better data enables better decisions. Where gut instinct, anecdotes, and best guesses can mislead, objective data cuts through the haze and provides solid information to consider. Whether the decisions you’re making are about facilities, finances, discipleship growth, or more, the stakes are high for you as a church leader — sometimes even eternal. The data you need has to be easy to find, customize, and compare.

Starting on August 25, our revamped Metrics dashboard will give you that data, helping you learn more about your church than ever before. If your church has the Deluxe version of our church management software, your new Metrics tools will automatically give you even more access to and control over the kind of data you need to see.

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