Use stories to move your church from apathy to action!

There’s a reason Jesus used parables to teach people about the Kingdom of God and how to live. Storytelling is a powerful way to make your message stick and ignite action. It’s been proven that storytelling can make a tremendous difference when it comes to changing our beliefs and cultivating generosity. Unfortunately, most churches forget this when it comes to inspiring church leaders.

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to talk with Jon Wright about the power of storytelling when it comes to moving your congregation from apathy to action. Today, I wanted to recap a few of the lessons Jon shared when it comes to telling better stories.

4 keys to moving your church from apathy to action through stories

Here are four keys to becoming a leader who captivates your church members through stories and inspires them to act:

  1. Tell them well. Why should people care about the things you’re encouraging them to consider? This is about communicating in a way that’s transformational rather than transactional.
  2. Tell them often. Everything you communicate can be shared through a story. Whether you’re trying to encourage people to serve, join a small group, or invite their co-workers to church, every method of communication can have a story tied to it.
  3. Connect impact to investment. Many churches don’t do a good job of connecting these two things. For most people, you must help them understand why giving is important. Stories help you highlight life change that is taking place throughout your congregation because of their generosity.
  4. Use multiple voices. The easiest thing to do is to have your staff share stories. However, your church will hear it better when they hear it from people in the pew.

Here’s the good news: you have more opportunities to communicate stories of life change than you realize. Consider how you can create a systematic process for gathering, organizing, and sharing stories within your church. I have no doubt you’ll be glad you did.

What are some ways you use stories to inspire, encourage, and influence church members?

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Posted by Steve Caton on October 12, 2015