Utilize video email to combat the summer giving dip

The summer giving dip is on its way. Again.

Many church leadership teams may be growing uneasy knowing that, along with the beautiful weather and days off of school, many families go MIA due to vacations, family reunions, and traveling sports teams. All these fun summer events are great except they keep families out of the loop for weeks at a time. If those families don’t plan ahead to give, it can have adverse effects on the your church budget.

One of the primary reasons giving dips during the summer is because people don’t feel as connected to what’s going on since they aren’t regularly present for the weekend experience. A great way to overcome this obstacle is to bring the personality and voice of the pastor to them through video email.

Here’s why:

  • They can keep up with the pastor via a summary of his most recent sermons.
  • They can get a full report on what God is doing during summer mission trips, church camps, and Vacation Bible School.
  • They can even be reminded to log on to the church’s church management system to stay connected with their small group, register for summer events, and set up a recurring giving schedule.

So as you’re planning your summer strategy, I encourage you to include video messages in your email communications. If you're not sure how to make this happen, BombBomb is a great resource. They use HTML5 technology to play the videos directly in the email message and they integrate with the Church Community Builder Solution.

What other strategies do you use to help people stay connected during the summer months?

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Posted by Steve Caton on June 21, 2017