Webinar: Protecting the Vision with Deborah Ike

Sean Buchanan
July 29, 2015 — 1pm Eastern / 12pm Central / 11am Mountain / 10am Pacific

web4.jpgAs your ministry team develops new programs, hosts events, and more, one big thing that could derail all that progress is risk.

We’ve all heard about or read the news stories of churches who’ve dealt with the aftermath of a risk that came to pass — a volunteer abused a child, a trusted elder committed fraud, a tornado ripped the roof off and the church didn’t have insurance for the damage. These tragedies can happen in a moment and take years to repair ... if they can be repaired at all. But while none of these things is 100% preventable, there are practical steps you can take to reduce their likelihood or impact. Risk management is an important tool to protect the vision and mission of your church.

A comprehensive risk management strategy requires work and consistent effort, but it doesn’t require a team of experts. In this webinar, we'll address some of the top risks churches face, including an overview of each risk, potential outcomes if it occurs, tips to prevent it, and ways to lessen the impact should it occur. Whether you already have risk management processes in place or you know you need to increase your efforts in this area, this webinar will provide you with practical tips to move forward.

Deborah Ike

Deborah Ike is the President and founder of Velocity Ministry Management, a company dedicated to vision implementation for church leaders.

Over the last ten years, Deborah has worked in the corporate arena to discover how to leverage business principles for ministry vision. She worked for an international consulting firm and a Fortune 500 company doing consulting, project management, and risk management. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems along with the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential from the Project Management Institute. She’s the author of Protect the Vision: A Practical Guide to Church Risk Management, The Volunteer Management Toolkit (Church Edition), and blogs at velocityministrymanagement.com, and you can find her articles on Pastors.com, XPastor.org, WorshipFacilities.com, and via The Church Network.

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Posted by Sean Buchanan on July 29, 2015