Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to the new Church Communty Builder blog! If you're used to reading the former Church Community Matters blog you've come to the right place.

On February 1, 2011, I authored the very first post on a new blog called Church Community Matters. The whole idea of blogging was quite foreign to me and, if it wasn’t for my good friend Ben Stroup, it would never have happened.

My plan with Church Community Matters was to record my stream of consciousness as I interfaced with church leaders. My hope was that as I did that, there might be some helpful takeaways for you, the reader. Pretty straightforward!

After two years, Church Community Matters became a whole lot more than I expected. The site traffic steadily increased as did the subscribers. I was and still am encouraged when someone I meet tells me that a particular post really spoke to or encouraged them.

One thing noticed was that most of these conversations happened with church leaders we serve at Church Community Builder. That makes sense at first glance because those are the leaders I hang out with the most. However, several leaders have shared that they were readers before they were church partners with us. The truth is, my musings on the blog were almost always tightly connected to what we think, believe and do at Church Community Builder. Apparently that was intriguing enough to some people that it prompted them to take a look at the company I work for. What an honor it is that some of them decided to let us serve their ministry.

This latter truth led us to believe it was time to incorporate the Church Community Matters content into a new company blog. This felt even better when we decided to launch a whole new website as well. The content on Church Commnunity Matters was always tightly connected to the DNA of Church Community Builder. The new website represents our DNA and calling better than anything we have done before. And, because our heart is to guide church leaders to a better “how”, it only makes sense that the blog and the website become one.

So, in the weeks ahead, you will continue to see random thoughts from me but you will also see posts from other members of our team along with content from thought leaders we admire like Jim Tomberlin, Brad Leeper, Chris Mavity, Bryan Miles and more. Our hope is that this blog will become one of your “go-to” resources for best practices and creative thinking on leadership in the local church.

Welcome to our new world. We're gonna have a blast!

As we launch this new endeavor, I would love to know... what topics would be most interesting to you?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 04, 2017