When you work with Church Community Builder, prepare to be challenged

Most sales teams are designed to do one thing: Sell. But that’s not the case with Church Community Builder Sales Team.

Our team, of course, deeply believes in the Church Community Builder Solution and wants to see churches using it to its fullest extent. But it's so much more than just pushing and selling a product. We are passionate about our mission, “guiding church leaders to a better how.” The software is just a means to an end; not an end itself. It's not about features and buttons; it's about life change, community, and discipleship.

If you talk with anyone on our sales team, you’ll quickly realize that we’re not interested in seeing how fast we can sell you software. We want to walk alongside you to:

  • challenge your church’s status quo,
  • think through your current processes,
  • figure out how to take your ministry from good to great, and
  • help you “zoom out” to the big picture, which is sometimes difficult to see.

When you do choose to partner with us, you are choosing to let us into your world. We are committed to offering objective advice, aiding you in the process of doing church better. We don’t do this by sharing all the things we think are cool about our software or how it’s different than other software options on the market today. We accomplish it by working hard to help church leaders think differently about technology helps make disciples.

The goal is to help leaders think about process first, because too many times process is shoved into the background by "shiny objects" of interest and fads. Effective ministry is not about implementing the newest concept. Effective ministry starts with figuring out how to leverage technology to learn what is working, what is not, and how your church can do ministry better.

Our sales team wasn’t created to sell you a product; it was created to help challenge the things that might be standing in the way of effective ministry. We’re here to help your church see radical life change.

Have you had a good experience with our sales team? We’d love to hear from you.

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Posted by Steve Caton on October 24, 2012