Why Church Community Builder is different

When you hit the Church Community Builder website for the first time, it may be a bit confusing. After all, you probably landed there to look for software. What you saw was different, and not very software-focused. Let me try to give you some context for why that is.

First of all, our founders never set out to start a technology company. From the beginning, the goal was always to help churches steward people well so that the church and the Kingdom grow. Software was merely a tool to help facilitate that goal. While our software defines us in many ways today, that original vision is what really drives us: each person on our team, from the developers to the salespeople, the support team to the coaches, cares most about helping churches multiply their ministry efforts.

We feel like the best way to articulate our mission is through a statement: “Guiding church leaders to a better how.”

Whenever I mention this phrase to pastors for the first time, I always get an interesting look, so I thought it might be helpful to break down how we came up with that phrasing and what it means for us.


We’re very intentional about the word 'guiding'. We don’t ever want to feel like we’re showing or telling churches what they should do from a distance, but rather guiding them, coming alongside them to lead them through their process for engaging people.

In the same way you wouldn’t go whitewater rafting without a seasoned guide to lead you down the river, we want to bring the proper domain knowledge to guide churches as they look for ways to use technology to improve their ministry.

“...church leaders...”

If there’s anything we know about ministry, it’s that it’s done through people and connections. We believe that effective churches execute their strategies through effective leaders. Our vision is to support those leaders.

We want to be just as much of a resource for individual church leaders as we are for their churches. That’s why we’ve created resources for specific leadership roles and are launching our tribes strategy to help church leaders learn from their peers in practical areas of ministry.

“...to a better how.”

Every church understands that why they exist and what they do depends on their community and culture. Our goal is to help churches figure out ways to improve their how. This is all about the processes which drive effective ministry. We don’t simply want to train churches how to use software; we want to help them evaluate and improve their processes first. After all, good software in the context of missing or inefficient processes is pretty frustrating! Everything we do, from software to training, is designed to support this vision.

We believe that the words we use say a lot about our culture and the way we think about things. That’s why we’ve been using this phrase for more than a decade and feel like it perfectly embodies who we are.

If you’d like to discuss whether or not we are a good fit and would be able to help your church staff, we would love to connect.

How does your church’s mission statement reflect your culture and the way you think about things?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 22, 2020