Why mobile changes everything for churches

The number of people with smartphones is growing rapidly. In fact, one source reports that 56% of people with smartphones use them while attending social events and 57% now search the internet using their smartphone more than once a day.

Churches are on the brink of an incredible opportunity to extend the impact of the weekend experience beyond the walls of the church. The greatest obstacle will be rethinking how we engage with people. The traditional paper bulletin and Sunday morning announcements just aren’t reaching the broadest base of your membership. It’s dependent on everyone (or at least a majority) being in the same place at the same time.

On the other hand, smartphones allow...

  • ...small groups to connect spontaneously rather than once a week.
  • ...bible study to take place in airports, hotel rooms, etc.
  • ...people to interact and share the weekend’s message.
  • ...access to key leaders that individuals wouldn’t normally have access to.
  • ...information to be spread quickly and multiplied across social networks.

The possibilities are endless! But we must reshape our thinking (and maybe learn a new way of sharing information and facilitating interaction).

How is you church embracing the mobile platform?



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Posted by Steve Caton on April 01, 2011