XPs … you’re not alone.

As I shared in this post, executive pastors carry a load that is different from every other leader in the church. They juggle not only leading the staff and making key decisions, but also making sure people are equipped to do the ministry they are called to do. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when your role includes such a variety of responsibilities.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re alone in these challenges, you’re not.

Hey, Executive Pastor! You’re not alone.

Here are a just few challenges we’ve heard from executive pastors:

  1. Your job title includes being a ‘jack of all trades’. There is so much on your plate. From budgets and financial spreadsheets to big-picture ministry ideas, it can be difficult to coordinate everything together into a powerful ministry plan.
  2. You’re the one primarily responsible for turning ministry ideas into action. People sit around a table and brainstorm, and it’s up to you to make these concepts a reality. It can be challenging to balance dreams and aspirations with reality and implementation.
  3. Finding a safe environment to connect with your peers isn’t easy. So many executive pastors want to connect with other XPs to learn in an interactive way. However, a local group may not always be a safe place to share, and conferences just don’t completely meet the need. This can lead to executive pastors feeling isolated, discontent, and discouraged when it comes to their valuable role in ministry.

In fact, hearing from XPs day after day about the challenges you’re facing in ministry is just one of the reasons we created Tribes. Here’s a brief look at how we’re working to equip and empower them.

If you’ve ever felt alone in your role as an executive pastor and would love to be a part of a group of peers who help each other grow and improve, give Tribes a try.

Executive Pastors: What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in ministry right now?

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Posted by Steve Caton on May 13, 2015