You Can’t Build Community Without Administration

Church administration tends to have a reputation for being all about planning, tasks, and procedures. Many church leaders may not have a natural affinity for those details. But the truth is that effective church administration really does have an impact on church growth and life change.

A few weeks ago, Deborah Ike hit the nail on the head with her post about how church administration supports relationships. Today, I want to expand upon Deborah’s thoughts by highlighting various ways your senior leadership team can help their administration team impact your church’s approach to building community using church management software.

3 ways your administration team can help your church build community

  1. Train them in Ephesians 4 ministry. The administration team needs a full understanding of your effective discipleship ministry. Most of the issues that plague churches — giving, attendance, evangelism, leadership, missions — will be minimized when church leaders focus on building sustainable processes around equipping the saints instead of doing all the work themselves.
  2. Create a safe environment for them to share their ideas for enhancing community. Leaders who get the most out of their teams have created a culture of safety. In a culture of safety, staff members know the structure, but they also feel comfortable taking risks, asking questions, and being honest.
  3. Make sure they’re invested in the decision-making process. Your administration should be just as hands-on with decision-making as other ministry leaders. Together with other staff members, they can identify the collective needs of your church and help to make decisions about critical ministry processes.

We cannot operate healthy, effective ministries if we do not work together as a staff unit in a healthy way. Creating the right culture must start with connecting administration efforts to other ministries within the church.

Is your church administration integrated into decision-making around other ministries?

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Posted by Steve Caton on June 22, 2015