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  • Schedules

    Volunteers connected to opportunities that fit who they are.

  • Church Metrics

    The metrics that matter to your ministry role at your fingertips.

  • Process Queues

    Ministry workflows with more clarity and accountability.

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Schedule your volunteers quickly and give them power to do the rest.

  • Streamlined volunteer scheduling.
  • Automated volunteer tasks and processes.
  • Track people through ministry steps and volunteer replacements.


Keep Sunday safe with our trusted Check-In tool.

  • Know the real-time engagement of your people.
  • Find, place, and organize people to serve with ease.
  • Connect with your groups throughout the week.


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Close the back door.

  • Know the engagement of every individual— the numbers that matter at your fingertips.
  • Automate the steps in your assimilation process.




Church Management Software


Our Management software is the perfect solution for congregations of all sizes. It will improve your ability to connect with your staff, as well as your church congregation. We strive to ensure that all of your users are satisfied with their church software.


To learn even more, please visit our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page for church software. Got a question you didn’t find answered here in regards to the program? Please let us know. We want to make sure that you get the most out of our Church Community Builders' church software. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you out!


Want to know a bit more about our church management Solutions? Read more below to find out some answers to frequently asked questions that we receive about our online management software solution.




Church management software refers to the specific administrative tasks unique to churches and other faith-based groups. Tasks include, but are not limited to, organizing congregant details, managing membership, organizing service details, event organization, and financial reporting.  Management Software helps streamline your processes by keeping everything in one place and making it accessible to a wide range of people which is the backbone for effective church management.





We’re partial to Church Community Builder but, there are a number of different  Church Management software solutions to choose from. What’s most important with a church management solution is to keep in mind what specific administrative needs your churches has and whether or not you have any existing software/systems that you’d like your ChMS to integrate with. Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll have an easier time identifying what the best church management software is for you and your church.





CCB integrates with and recommends a number of different church software companies to ensure you get everything you need to make managing your churches easy and efficient. Currently, our preferred service providers includes: 2BChurch, Aplos,, Aware3, Belay, Background Information Services Inc, BLM Technologies, BluePay, BombBomb, Boxcast, Buzzsprout, Call-Em-All, CCBChimp, CCBPress,, EMS Barcode Solutions, ESpace, Focus Missions, Focus Next Steps, God-Cha Bible Guide, Gyve, InThrMa Intelligent Thermal Management, Ministry Vitals, Mobile Axept, Mortar Stone, PastorsLine, Portable Church Industries, ProApps, Project My Ministry, PushPay, Schooley Mitchell, Secure Search, Secure Give, The Church App, Txt2Give and Vanco Payment Solutions, and To read more about integrations at our CCB Preferred Service Providers" Page.





Church Community Builder now offers worship planning, included with your church management software. You will be able to create and add your order of service to a schedule for multiple services. Plan templates allow quick and easy plan creation week after week. The worship planning allows you to download and share chord charts and lyrics directly in your Service Plan through SongSelect by CCLI(R) integration. You will also have access to Song Library which will allow you to manage and share song details, such as BPM, duration, and key. Utilizing the software features that support your service planning allows you to manage files and share songs by adding and saving attachments such as chord charts, files, mp3s, and links to specific songs and keys in your Song Library. Worship planning software is now included in your Church Community Builder church management software.



Why is Church Community Builder a web-based software?


There are a few reasons we chose to deliver our online church software in a web-based, or Software as a Service (SaaS), format:


No additional equipment is needed to run our management software. Whether you are using a PC or a Mac system, all you will ever need to utilize our church software is your computer (or even a mobile device) and access to the Internet. The management software is run directly through your web browser. It is supported on most modern web browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer versions 9+.


No installation needed. We provide web Based church Software solution for religious organisations like Churches. Unlike locally hosted apps, you won’t need to worry about installing the church management software on every computer that needs to run it. Not to mention, when any updates are made to our system, you don’t need to worry about completing all of the updates separately. When you are ready to use the Software, it is waiting for you within your web browser, fully updated and ready to go.


Freedom to work where you need to. With our SaaS church software, you can use it anywhere that you have internet access. Whether you’re in the churches office, at the kitchen table, in your favorite coffee shop, or during your flight for vacation - our Online church management solution is ready to be used. Although, we don’t recommend working while you’re on vacation. Take your well-earned break!


These are all of the benefits that come along with a web-based church software and why we chose SaaS to deliver your product.



Can It Properly Manage And Organize A Secure Database?


Church community builder has built in API capabilities. Using the API, you can access and manage specific areas of your database and make changes that will reflect throughout different software systems.





The security of your data is taken very seriously. Our servers run on the Linux platform and have the latest stable versions and security updates installed. In addition to hardware firewalls, we use IPTables firewall software on our servers to keep them locked down as much as possible. Behind the scenes, our servers are only accessible by authorized staff securely via SSH or VPN, and all uploads/downloads of critical information are done via Secure FTP (SFTP). In addition, all passwords and login IDs to your solution are hashed and double salted to prevent unauthorized login attempts. On the user end, all churches individual logins must be at least six characters long and contain at least one numeric and one alpha character to further ensure security of the data. Also, after five unsuccessful attempts at login, the user’s account is locked for a 60 minute period. Our primary and secondary datacenters are protected with dual keycard access and 24/7 video surveillance and security staff.





All customer data is snapshotted hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to local network storage. Offsite backups of the system are done nightly to a secure location in the unlikely event a catastrophic scenario prevents data access or recovery from the primary datacenter. Finally, we store daily backups to Amazon’s S3 service in the even more unlikely event that both the primary and secondary datacenters are unrecoverable.





We realize reliability is a critical component of your trust in our church management software. We’ve configured our systems to ensure N+1 redundancy in our firewalls, loadbalancers, physical servers, and virtual services. In addition, both datacenters employ N+1 redundancy for power, cooling, and connectivity.


A 60KW UPS and an 80KW natural gas powered generator provide continuous power to the servers and communications equipment. All of the facility equipment is operating while the UPS and generator are standing by. In case of a power emergency, the UPS takes over. The generator then starts up to provide uninterrupted power flow until the utilities company fixes the outage.


Our datacenter for this program is connected to the Internet via redundant OC-12 fiber lines. We feature fully burstable 100MB access to the Internet and to your location. The datacenters employ Cisco equipment for networking to ensure the best quality and reliability in the industry. In the unlikely event of a router failure, we have AB routes configured for an immediate failover to a standby router to ensure nothing affects the system.


More FAQs


Do I have to pay extra for updates?


Absolutely not! All of the updates and enhancements that we make to your Online Church Management systems are included with your annually purchased license. To ensure that you get the most out of your package purchase, we make updates and fixes on a regular basis. Not to mention, since our software is web-based - you get all of the updates immediately!


How many people can access the system at one time?


As many people as you need! We do not limit the amount of users to small groups who can access the program at the same time. This is an added bonus to our system, as you can share it with your people - including staff, volunteers, congregants, and more! The more people with access to the software, the more meaningful engagement your churches will receive.


Do you provide ongoing support?


Yes! We won’t leave you hanging once you integrate CCB into your workday. We have tons of free resources, such as online help articles, video tutorials, and email ticket support. This is always included with you Church Community Builder software license. You can also purchase Premier Support service as an add-on to your software.


Will you interface with our church website?


Absolutely. Our program can be easily accessed from your website through our provided public web tools. This integration allows for easy sharing of information regarding attendance tracking, activities, events, groups, social media and giving on your own church website. This is just one of the many ways our system transforms your website into a powerful community portal.


Do you have a mobile app?


Yes! We are very excited to follow the mobile-first direction of online services by offering a mobile application to all of our current service customers. With the increasing power of mobile devices we believe mobile apps are the future. Introducing: LEAD. LEAD is our church management mobile application. It is loaded with helpful features, all designed to keep your church members connected - wherever they are.


What features come with the LEAD app?


People - Get to know your members. Our snapshot feature allows you to not just know a member’s name, but to know their story. In one quick search, you can see everything you need to know as a leader. From their family members to their contact information. Understand your people’s involvement and connection in the churches.


Process Queues - As a church leader, you need a reliable tool to ensure that you can follow up with your people quickly and intentionally. This type of communication helps to keep people on track during their discipleship journey. The process queues in our LEAD app help to make sure that everyone is being cared for and that no one is slipping through the cracks.


Schedules - Managing volunteers is one thing.. But managing volunteers on the go, that’s no small feat! The scheduling feature within our LEAD app allows you to easily find where there are holes in your schedule and quickly fill them. With its unparalleled reporting capabilities, Your volunteers can easily stay informed and your services can run smoothly.


Groups - As a group or ministry leader, you are working on the front lines of your church. You are the one building meaningful relationships with your people. The Group feature in our application has robust communication tools and is designed to easily keep your group members connected.


Notes - We understand that a person’s story is far more than just the simple data that they represent. We developed the notes feature to help you view and share vital information about your people all in one convenient place - even social media, so that you and your leaders can provide the highest quality of care to your people.


Every single day, it seems that ministries rely on mobile technology to keep up with the growing mobility of tech in our world. We believe Mobile apps is the future of church management software. We specifically developed a mobile app to help you, the church leader, easily connect with your people and manage your schedule on the go. Don’t have a laptop with you? No need to worry! Our LEAD app fits right into your pocket. All you need is a little cell phone connection to the internet.


What features does your software have?


This is a fantastic question. Our software is nothing without the wonderful features that we have developed with you, the church leader, specifically in mind. We have a wide variety of key features that make managing your church, schedule, and people easier than ever. Want to know what sets us apart from other church management software programs? Check out these key features!


Church Metrics - As a church leader, your decisions can have major impacts and consequences attached to them. We know you don’t make these decisions lightly. That’s why we added in the key feature of Church Metrics. Our church metrics provide you with real-time data in order to help you make the best choice for your ministry, right in the moment you need it. You can input the data that you need to a custom dashboard, so that you will always have exactly what you need from financial management to facility planning to programming, discipleship, and more. Make better decisions with the help of a church management solution software like the Church Community Builder.


Intuitive Web Forms - Our form builder feature makes it easy to drag and drop customized forms, so you get the information you need without spending countless extra hours trying to put it all together. This is a painless way to organize your information. Whether you want to gather survey answers, run event management (even manage event registration), perform fund accounting, collect orders and donations, or more, we’ve got you covered. Flexible and intuitive forms designed by you, for you.


Childrens Check-In - Make your Sunday morning experience fast, simple, and safe with our child check-in feature. Your children’s ministry is a huge factor in determining whether or not a family will return to your church service the next week. Our child check-in software helps to make the Sunday morning experience fast, simple, and safe for your families and your volunteers. Complete with text message paging features to contact any parents immediately.


Volunteer Scheduling - Keep your leaders organized and effectively communicate with one another. As a church leader, you have the unique opportunity to encourage, influence, and empower people who step into a leadership or serving role within your churches. It’s easy to build out your schedule, even edit weeks at a time, with CCB. Print out your completed schedule for easy access both on and off the internet. Send emails, block out dates, attach files - all easily with our volunteer scheduling feature.


Multi-Site Support - Today, there are over 5,000 multi-site church organisations across the United States. These multi-site ministries require unique systems, processes, and technology in order to be effective. With the right management solution, It’s easy to manage multiple campuses, including child check-in across campuses and aggregating reports across campuses. Manage and measure ministry at a campus wide and ministry-level. The multi-site church is considered by many to be the future of church ministry. Church Community Builder can help you easily manage and connect your campuses.


Group Management - People are at the heart of discipleship and your entire church. A person’s faith is far too important to simply let them slip through the cracks. Luckily, technology has made it easier than ever to stay up to date with your members. Our powerful Group Management feature helps you in tracking attendance, allows you to communicate, help people connect, plan events, coordinate to meet your community’s needs, and so much more. No one will feel invisible. Whether you are focusing on small groups or managing a large congregation - track attendance and help the people in your ministry connect.