3 ways your church blog will enhance discipleship

Would you believe me if I told you that your blog could be one of your church’s best discipleship tools? Earlier this year, Church Tech Today shared a post with 10 Must-Write Church Blog Posts for 2013. As I looked through the list, I found three ideas that could enhance your church’s discipleship in less than one or two hours a week.

Here are three ideas from the post with a few personal thoughts on how your church can use them:

  1. Create a dialogue
    One benefit of blogging is that it creates an opportunity to dialogue with other readers. By using your church’s blog to create a dialogue, you’re continuing the conversation from Sunday into Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... you get the picture!
    What are some ways you can use your blog to create a dialogue? Ask a specific question about how your members are going to use what they learned on Sunday in their weekly routine. Take a poll on what part of the Sunday experience made the most impact across the church body.
  2. Teach them how
    While you may take your ability to interpret scripture for granted, your members may have no clue how to discern the biblical lingo.
    Your blog is a perfect opportunity to teach people how to read through Scripture, discern God’s will, and take ownership of their spiritual formation.
  3. Ask the pastor
    Your blog is also a great place to answer some questions from your church congregation. The answers don’t have to be lengthy, but this could help you get a sense of the theological questions your members are struggling to answer, as well as give you an opportunity to communicate the vision and mission behind the things your church does.

Is your church using a blog to enhance discipleship? How?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Apr 10, 2013 11:12:54 PM