Is your church missing out on the mobile opportunity?

The church usually gets a bad rap for being a few years behind the rest of society when it comes to leveraging new trends and technologies. Unfortunately, the track record tends to validate that reputation. Whether it was churches in the 16th century that banned the Bible from being printed in any language other than Latin, or churches in 2013 that just learned the importance of social media, it seems like the church has always had an aversion to the next ‘new’ thing.

Mobile is a ‘new’ trend churches can’t afford to ignore

In the same way the Internet completely changed the way we communicate, mobile technology has transformed the way people interact and find information today.

Just how much has the mobile opportunity grown in the past few years?

The good news is that most brands and businesses are still trying to navigate this mobile explosion, since it’s still relatively new. The bad news is that most churches are still failing to recognize the potential it could have in their ministry. Despite the growing popularity of mobile, less than half of the churches across the country are looking into how to use it to connect with their potential and existing members.

An easy way to leverage the mobile opportunity

At Church Community Builder, we wholeheartedly believe that churches should start thinking about mobile now ... like, right now. Therefore, our team has been working hard to find an innovative and reliable preferred service provider to partner with to make it easy for churches to connect with people through their mobile devices.

That’s when we found Aware3, whose passion for the local church is just as great as their ability to develop an incredible mobile experience. Aware3’s technology can help you quickly and cost-effectively launch and manage a customized mobile app for your church. Over the past few months, we’ve worked closely with them to create an experience that integrates key Church Community Builder features into the app in a way that can help your ministry grow through a new channel and leverage the power of your church management software.

People want to connect with the things that are important to them anytime and anywhere, and your ministry is no exception. We’re incredibly excited about the new partnership and what it means for churches when it comes to communicating, connecting, and engaging church members in ministry.

If you want a deeper look into how Aware3 can help you create a mobile solution for your church, this video will walk you through everything they have to offer. If you’re ready to start leveraging the mobile revolution for your ministry, you can learn more about how to integrate Aware3 with Church Community Builder.

What is your church doing to capitalize on the mobile revolution for ministry?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Apr 23, 2014 11:00:28 PM