Twitter stats that blew my mind

10 Essential Twitter Stats jumped off the screen as I was browsing through my RSS feed one morning. I know that I’ve been able to expand my reach through Twitter, and I could trace back some of our clients to conversations that began as DMs (Direct Messages for those of you not familiar with “Twitter-speak.”). But it’s always helpful to see data that affirms your intuition and your personal investments of time and energy.

Below are a few of the stats mentioned that I thought were very compelling:

  • 140 million tweets per day
  • 42% of users rely on Twitter to learn about new products
  • 41% of users share feedback and opinions about services/products
  • 67% of users are likely to buy brands that they “follow”
  • 2xs - The number of more leads per month for companies that use Twitter than those who don’t

I’m committed to Twitter as a viable channel to connect with people who are in the midst of conversations about technology and ministry and how we can leverage both to expand the Kingdom.

How do you use Twitter to impact your ministry?

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Posted by Steve Caton on May 20, 2011 11:58:16 PM