You understand church communications isn't really about controlling a brand or a message. It's about what people hear and how that inspires them to move towards the place you want for them.

Advancing Your Mission Through Better Dashboards

These are exciting times at Church Community Builder! In addition to reaching major milestones on terms of the number of churches we serve and the number of associates on our team, we have now completed our first business acquisition! On November 16, we finalized the purchase of ChurchNumbers from Idibri. ChurchNumbers is a visual dashboard that allows church leadership to make better decisions by being able to track real-time data in clear and actionable ways.

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A fable about dying vision

Jordan is the youth pastor at a well-established church in the South. He started working at the church right out of college and has now been there five years. He loves his job and he sings (although poorly) in his car on the way to and from the church. Jordan’s heart is for the Gospel; ministering to young people and reaching out to lost, broken, and insecure teenagers with the healing power of Jesus Christ is his passion. He is blessed by the opportunity to change the trajectory of kids’ lives as his vocation. As with any gig, there are things that could be better. For Jordan, he feels like his thoughts aren’t valued by his church’s leadership and that he is often branded as a ‘typical youth pastor’. He isn’t the type to rock the boat just to give people motion sickness, but he has ideas that he feels could benefit the church go unheard.

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3 ways your church blog will enhance discipleship

Would you believe me if I told you that your blog could be one of your church’s best discipleship tools? Earlier this year, Church Tech Today shared a post with 10 Must-Write Church Blog Posts for 2013. As I looked through the list, I found three ideas that could enhance your church’s discipleship in less than one or two hours a week.

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