Operations. Finances. Staff. infrastructure. Strategy. Vision Execution. It all rolls up to you. Your ability to sleep well at night depends on God ... but good systems and processes help a lot too!

Church Community Builder Core Value: Build a Positive Spirit

Being part of the Church Community Builder family means being a part of a team that always sees the best in every situation. But it goes beyond just a ‘positive attitude’, I think — it’s part of who we are as a company and is woven into our corporate DNA. It’s one of our core corporate values here: to build a positive team and family spirit. 

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Culture Precedes Process

We talk a lot — a lot — about process here at Church Community Builder. It’s something we’re pretty passionate about. It fuels our products and our services, and we’re always looking for ways to make our existing processes better — both in how we develop our software and in how we work together.

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Who Needs a Dose of Recovery?

Why do so many people I know who have been church leaders or key volunteers need to ‘recover’ at some point?

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Building Buildings Is Easier Than Building People

There are thousands of churches across America that have beautiful facilities — and that’s awesome! We love talking with church leaders who are looking at expanding campuses and building new buildings and making room for more new faces. Growth is fun and exciting, and we’re grateful we get to be a part of it for so many churches.

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