As the steward of your church facility, you know your property and environments say a lot about how much you care about the people who attend your church, especially first-time visitors. For that reason, you simply can’t let facilities issues slip to the back burner. For you, they are an integral part of the entire worship experience.

Celebrating the gift of leaders who change lives

As we prepare for Christmas, we are all inspired by the greatest gift ever given. As church leaders, that inspiration drives us to be a gift to others every single day. No matter how large or small the church, every leader I talk to wants to share the gift of Jesus Christ with people who don’t know Him. Most of them realize that while sharing the gospel is a necessary part of that process, we must often open the door by loving on people and meeting their needs. Today, I want to take a moment to celebrate a few churches that are doing this well.

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3 keys to optimize your church’s connection space for community

The function of the church building has been one of the biggest ministry shifts over the past decade. Church leaders are starting to think about their campuses as 'wells' for people in the community to gather, rather than 'temples' that sit empty six and a half days a week.

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7 steps to a more authentic church

A few weeks ago, I came across this TED Talk on what consumers want. In it, Joseph Pine explains that economic value has changed over the course of history from commodities to goods to services. In the past few years, the economic value we as consumers expect no longer ends with services. Instead, our culture has added another layer to help us determine whether something is valuable — namely, authentic experiences.

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