Empowered leaders result in empowered people, and that’s why our integrated Groups feature. It helps leaders know where their people are at, and the next steps they can take in their spiritual journey.


Nurture community and lead groups directly from a mobile app. Empower group leaders with tools to help them manage group participants, track attendance, communicate with their group, and organize events. Connect group members with the ability to send messages, post needs for others to support, and register for group events.


Leaders can communicate with their group within the software and group members can respond to the leader as well as each other. Send emails or mail merges, start discussions on message board threads, or use our text messaging feature to text group members!


Haven’t seen one of your regular attendees in awhile? Simply look at their profile and you’ll see all of their small group attendance records, plus any other events they’ve been attending at your church. Small group leaders can help you stay up to date with how people are doing, by tracking group attendance and entering notes right from their phones. No clipboard needed.


From a garage sale fundraiser to setting up a meal train for the parents of a newborn, whatever your need is, post it! Get your people involved in ministry by inviting them to serve the needs within the church and community!