Your role goes way beyond managing income and expenses. Through the lens of church finances you help your leaders see the evidence of discipleship, maturity, and commitment to the calling of your church.

How to Spot Your Next Great Leader

As a leader — whether at home, at work, at church, wherever I am — I’ve got one job that’s more important that any other. I need to replace myself.

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Four beliefs that directly affect your church’s generosity

No one likes to talk about money. Even fewer people like to ask people for money. But as church leaders, it comes with the territory. A church that doesn’t need financial support is a church that isn’t moving forward in ministry. It’s time to rethink what we, in error, tend to view as ‘sacrifices’ and remember that it is an honor to support a growing church with our finances, especially when that growth is changing lives.

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Five tips to improve year-end giving

With the end of the year approaching, both your church and your congregation are looking at budgets and finances and preparing for the new year. This can be a hectic time for your church — but it’s also a time with unparalleled potential for cultivating generosity, not just around this one season, but forward into the next year and beyond. It’s just a matter of knowing how.

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How to leverage data to fuel ministry growth

Technology has made it easier than ever for churches to leverage information to connect with church members and enhance their ministry. While learning how to leverage untapped data will be more difficult for some ministries than for others, churches that have learned how to do it have experienced a new level of ministry growth they never thought possible before.

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