3 ideas to help recover from the summer giving slump

It’s the end of July. That means that the impact of summer is in full swing. For many churches, that means a dip in attendance and most times, giving. Or what we refer to as the summer giving slump.

The good news is that your church doesn’t have to wait until September to recover from the dip in giving. All it takes is a proactive mentality and willingness to try new things to encourage members to keep giving — even if they’re not at church or they’ve never given before.

At the beginning of June, I had the opportunity to share 10 steps for overcoming the summer giving slump with Innovate4Jesus. Today, I want to highlight three of the ideas that your church could implement — even this next week if you wanted to.

If you’re tired of struggling through the summer giving slump, here are three ideas to help you make the turn before September rolls around:

  1. Talk about giving during every Sunday experience. If you approach giving in a way that communicates the impact people are making through their gifts, people won’t get tired of hearing about it. If your church is still doing ministry during the summer (sending kids to camp, taking mission trips, etc.), you’ve got a great opportunity to introduce a different conversation about giving each week.
  2. Use video in your eNewsletters. One of the primary reasons giving dips during the summer is because people don’t feel as connected to what’s going on because they aren’t regularly present for the weekend experience. A great way to overcome this obstacle is to bring the personality and voice of the pastor to them through video email. This is a great resource if you’re not sure how to make a video email happen.
  3. Encourage the leadership staff and key volunteers to leverage online giving. Making sure the key leaders in your church are utilizing online giving is a great way to silence the skeptics and introduce the method to uninformed members. Not only does online giving help stabilize your finances through automatic withdrawal, but it is also a proven way to increase the overall giving in your church.

Are you tired of dealing with the summer giving slump? Try implementing one of these ideas next week to see how it impacts your church’s bottom line. Being proactive in battling the slump will not only impact your opportunities for ministry over the next month, but it will also prevent you from having to dip into the reserves from past and future months.

What are some other strategies your church has for recovering from the summer giving slump?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Jul 22, 2013 11:02:42 PM