Your role goes way beyond managing income and expenses. Through the lens of church finances you help your leaders see the evidence of discipleship, maturity, and commitment to the calling of your church.

Take a Practical Look at Giving

There’s a lot of talk about giving and generosity in the church world, and for good reason. Giving is an integral part of both people’s spiritual walks and any ministry’s operations, but money can always be a tricky subject. That’s why I like to write about it fairly often — hoping to break past the barrier of taboo and talk about something church leaders should be talking about. Recently, my good friend Rusty Lewis of Generis released an ebook on the subject, called Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Giving. It’s a precise and practical look into giving trends and how your church can take advantage of them, and it’s a valuable read.

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Five tips to improve year-end giving

With the end of the year approaching, both your church and your congregation are looking at budgets and finances and preparing for the new year. This can be a hectic time for your church — but it’s also a time with unparalleled potential for cultivating generosity, not just around this one season, but forward into the next year and beyond. It’s just a matter of knowing how.

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4 resources to help improve the overall health of your church

It’s easy to judge the health of a church by the number of seats filled every Sunday. However, just because a church is large doesn’t necessarily mean it's healthy. I’ve talked with pastors in larger churches who’ve admitted their church wasn’t as healthy as it could be. And I’ve talked with pastors in smaller churches who haven’t ever been in a healthier church environment.

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