Your role goes way beyond managing income and expenses. Through the lens of church finances you help your leaders see the evidence of discipleship, maturity, and commitment to the calling of your church.

4 ways Moneyball can help all church leaders improve ministry

In 2014, every church should be using data-driven insight to make smarter, more informed decisions. We live in a time where data is more accessible and easily consumable than ever. Ignoring this data is like buying a car right off the lot without ever comparing prices or checking reviews and ratings online. It’s simply bad stewardship.

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4 resources to help improve the overall health of your church

It’s easy to judge the health of a church by the number of seats filled every Sunday. However, just because a church is large doesn’t necessarily mean it's healthy. I’ve talked with pastors in larger churches who’ve admitted their church wasn’t as healthy as it could be. And I’ve talked with pastors in smaller churches who haven’t ever been in a healthier church environment.

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10 church metrics to evaluate before the end of 2012

Over the past year, our team at Church Community Builder has had conversation with hundreds of pastors about what their churches track and measure. Because so many churches evaluate their ministries at year end, I thought it would be helpful to highlight the metrics we saw most frequently in the churches we serve who are growing and healthy.

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