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There’s a reason forms are a familiar experience — when done right, they can be an organized, painless way to gather and organize both information and people. Church Community Builder’s forms are flexible and intuitive, with a drag-and-drop interface, straightforward question types, powerful automations, and detailed financial control. Whether you want to gather survey answers, manage event registration, collect orders and donations, or more, we’ve got you covered.

Flexible Question Types

Flexible Question Types

Forms feature a dozen different question types designed to make it easy to collect the information you need. Want people to pick from a list of options? Choose from Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, and Pulldown Menus. Want people to rate their favorite missions café coffees? Try the Scale or Prioritize question types. You can collect waivers for summer camp with File Upload, set up product sales or event registration with Product/Ticket, collect donations to whichever categories you choose with Donation Amount — and so much more.

An Intuitive Form Builder

The form builder gives you what you need up front, with a drag-and-drop interface and every setting at your fingertips. You can even see a real-time preview of your form as you build it. And if you make a long form that could stand being broken up a little, you can drag and drop section and page breaks into your forms, too.


Powerful Automations

Form respondents can be automatically added to any group, event, position, or process queue. You can add people to as many as you need, with as much detail as you need. Want to add everyone who fills out the form to a volunteer group, but put them in different positions based on how they respond to the questions? You can do that. The built-in forms automation features are sleek, versatile, and powerful—and so are the email notification options that come with them.

Advanced Financial Control

Advanced Financial Control

Forms can take payments and donations, and support split transactions. You can set up a form with a product question that designates payment to one fund category and a donation amount question that sends gifts to another fund category — or even multiple categories. Discount codes have the same flexibility. And form matching can be divided too — if you need your youth camp registration form to automate kids into groups and events, but want to make sure the payment is matched to the parents, you can do that.

Little Details

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, and our forms are full of them. Forms aren’t published and ready for use until you say they are, and if you ever need to make changes, you can unpublish a form until you’re ready for it to be seen again. Form managers can fill forms out for other people while logged in. When they do, the contact fields in the form are automatically filled in. Summary view shows you at a glance how many responses you have, how many are paid, and how much is owed. You can also drill down and see how answers are distributed for a particular question. It’s all presented in beautiful, comprehensive charts.



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