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* The LEAD app was formerly known as Project M / Small Group Leader App and is only available for current customers.
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Know their story.

  • This is more than just contact information. We’ve re-invented the profile so as a ministry leader you can see and understand your people’s involvement and connection in the church.

  • Quick, intentional follow-up is key to keeping people on track on their discipleship journey. Process Queues make sure everyone is being cared for and nobody slips through the cracks.

    Process Queues
  • History matters. The timeline gives you a view of a person’s life in the church. Paired with the profile involvement information, you can begin to get a complete picture of their journey.

  • As a group or ministry leader, you are on the front lines of your church, building meaningful relationships with your people. Use the app to keep your group members connected.

  • A person’s story is more than just the data they represent. View and share vital information about your people all in one place, so you and your fellow leaders can provide the best level of care.


"Totally love the snapshot info all in one place for individuals, and that you can search the whole database from the app."- Mark

"I am LOVING the progress made on the Lead app. The Process Queues feature is going to be used a lot at our church."- Bronte

"This is such a great way to see the engagement of an individual."- Carol

"This is really cool! As a pastor who is managing teams and small groups, etc. simultaneously, it’s nice that I can access groups and people in the same app!"- Anonymous

"I can see this being a Sunday morning go-to app as a pastor. It’s a great place to jot notes on folks I’m talking to!"- Tim


In the 10 weeks Project M was in beta,

we saw the impact of hundreds of pastors and leaders using the app to actively connect with their people.

Attendance Taken


"The features that allow us to see our Groups, take attendance, messages, texts, needs, and so on is AMAZING!" - Charles

"I love the app and how it allows us to seamlessly look up and communicate with a person."

- Matt

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