Your role in the church is to examine how you can become a church that is for your community rather than simply being a church in your community. For you, the word community is a verb, not a noun!

How to build a strong and diverse ministry staff

At Church Community Builder, we believe that if you hire a bunch of people with the same skills, personality, and passions as you, you are destined to fail. A team that represents diversity in culture, giftedness, and backgrounds is critical for well-rounded ministry success.

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Webinar: 5 Essential Tests for Churches Who Want to Grow

For many pastors, the primary sign of their church’s health is if they are growing. While this can be a good indicator, it is not the only way to evaluate your church’s health. Are you reaching new people, but having as many people walking out the back door as visitors walking in the front? Do you feel like you just can’t seem to attract new people to your congregation, although you’ve tried different methods? Are you having a hard time getting people to engage in your ministries or join small groups? If you answered yes to any of these, you probably feel stuck.

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