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We want to equip your team with the tools you need to realize your vision; that’s why we designed our different software versions. If you’re looking to upgrade, here's what you need to know.

Feature Core Advanced Complete
Feature Core Advanced Complete
Attendance Management

Tracking the faces in your church means knowing who actually shows up. You can easily know who has attended any event, including small groups, Sunday worship, and baptisms. But really, knowing who isn’t involved can often be more important than knowing who is, and that’s a little bit harder. We will help you proactively find and follow up with those people so they know you truly care about them.

Outreach & Follow-up*

You’re constantly working hard to reach out to your community through events, emails, invitations, and community service. Now you need to make sure those who show up or respond aren’t forgotten about. We will provide the tools to help you achieve these goals. The nice part is our software is super flexible, so it can be tailored to the unique ways you follow up with people. * The Core version is limited to a single Outreach & Follow-Up process.

Member Involvement

One of the most challenging obstacles you face as a leader is understanding the real-time engagement of people in your church. Without knowing this, it’s really easy to accidentally miss discipleship opportunities and potential crisis situations that need urgent attention. You can quickly view all aspects of a person’s connections to groups, serving opportunities, events, and more. With the Complete version, you can see their past group and volunteer involvement for a holistic perspective.

Department & Group Management

The larger your church gets, then more layers of leaders you will need to lead multiple teams and departments. Every single version of our software supports this approach because we understand how critical it is for your continued growth.

Volunteer Management

One of the biggest keys to mobilizing and energizing your volunteers is making sure people are connected to opportunities that really fit who they are. Now you can identify and inform the right people based on their gifts, passions, skills, and leadership styles.

Custom Searches

Communicating with people is much easier when you can find the exact people you’re looking for. You can create and share dynamic searches which will allow you to serve and care for people in a more personal way.

Custom Reporting

Software isn’t very useful if what you’re looking at doesn’t make any sense to you. We have a comprehensive list of helpful reports, but we also give you the ability to create reports that matter to you! Custom reports are saveable and shareable, helping you distribute the knowledge people need without bottlenecks.

Pledge Management

When people can easily track what they have pledged to a particular cause, the percentage of actual giving increases significantly. Our pledge tools support your need to empower Capital Campaigns and other stewardship initiatives where future revenue streams are necessary to know. We make it easy to create, track, and manage financial commitments.

Donor Management

Giving is a huge indicator of church health and engagement. You can manage contributions and look at giving patterns in a lot of ways. Contributions can be entered manually. Additionally with Advanced or Complete, contributions can be entered using a check scanner, or by Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). People can log in and view their own personal giving and pledge history without calling the church office. For church leadership, we provide a growing list of financial reports that help you look at donor trends and statistics so you can find lapses in giving which often indicates a crisis or people slipping through the cracks.

Decentralized Administration

Church technology is most effective when you can move it out of the church office and into the hands of as many people as possible. Simple but powerful role-based access allows you to customize permissions and responsibilities so you can distribute the workload among staff, leadership, and volunteers. You can be confident that even people with little or no technical expertise can participate in ministry without getting confused over complex and frustrating technology.

Family & Individual Profiles

Cultivating relationships in your church requires a single source of accurate information about everyone in your community that everyone has access to. So every person has a unique profile that contains all the information to truly know them. You will be able to see a variety of things, including hobbies, spiritual gifts, interests, spiritual maturity, volunteer availability, social media links, and more. Best of all, your members can access and manage their own profiles. When someone moves and their address changes, they can update it themselves!

Event Management

Organizing and communicating events efficiently can be a major challenge, and unfortunately, sometimes a major headache, too. How are you supposed to know who is even planning to show up at things these days? Well now it will be easy for you to announce the details of an event and get a guest list. People view event details and RSVP right from their own computer, tablet, or smartphone. Event leaders can request rooms and resources, invite people by email, and even track RSVPs in real time. Then they can access reports to make it much easier to stay on top of all the activity, both on and off campus.

Private Online Groups

Leadership-driven community changes lives. Our approach is not an attempt to replace Facebook. With our Groups, you can create private online communities for small groups, ministries, and more. They can have their own Calendar, Discussion Board, Volunteer Opportunities, Needs, and Files. Leaders can quickly communicate with their groups, and people can easily interact with one another — all in one central place.

Group Calendars

Your leaders can easily create and manage events, invitations, RSVPs, and registrations on a variety of calendars. People can subscribe to a public calendar so all of their events can be synced to their calendar. Nobody can complain about missing events anymore!

Personal Calendar

Each person can easily view their own personal calendar. This calendar provides a simple view of all the events that matters most to them, whether they are group events, church-wide events, or action items they signed up for. This gives everyone a personalized place where they can easily view their upcoming activities.

Photo Directories

No matter the size of your church, it is often terribly difficult to remember which face belongs with which name. We’ll help you out! You can look at profile pictures one by one, or create an online directory with individuals or families. Anyone who is logged into your online community can easily upload a personal and family picture.

File Sharing

Sharing multiple files can be time consuming and inefficient, but our tool makes it possible to quickly upload and store files online for easy access by others. Whatever you need to share, we make the process seamless and incredibly simple.

Personal Communication Settings

When people get bombarded by emails, they end up opting out of all church communications — and then you can’t reach them when you really need to. In our software, each person can choose what emails they receive from you because they control their own communication preferences. It’s that simple.


Everybody texts these days! We understand that for some, that’s their preferred method of communication. That’s why every group leader can send text messages out to their members. On top of that, you can create a Twitter account for your Group and simultaneously post a Tweet along with the text message. Communicating via Twitter and text message all at once? That’s Twexting.™

Needs Management

Whether your church members are providing meals for a family with a newborn, repairing vehicles, or helping a single mom move, you easily inform them about the opportunity to impact someone’s life. As people respond, the coordinator is automatically notified. You can also assign specific items to certain people which will tell them everything they need to know to help out.

Private Discussion Forums

Where can people in your church go to have private online discussions, share confidential prayer needs, and simply connect with others in a safe way? You can create a trusting culture using your online community while also maintaining seamless integration for your core needs. More comprehensive than chat sessions or email, Messages keep a permanent history of the conversations for the group. That history can be visible to the whole church, all of the group’s members, or just the leaders. And group leaders have the ability to monitor and guide the conversation.

Event Summaries

Recording and sharing notes after an event can mean the difference between a life changed and a missed opportunity. Small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, and anyone else who records attendance can easily include important things that happened. You can add an event topic, general notes like what was talked about, praises and prayer requests, as well as notes about new people; then you can quickly notify all the right people with a fast email.

Online Giving

When people give online, you make it convenient and easy for them support the Kingdom work you are doing. It will also increase the number of people who visit your website. You can have a comprehensive contribution and payment solution that easily integrates with your public website and offers a simple way for people to increase your ministry efforts through a one-time or recurring gift. We also support online payments when filling out a form. This means people can sign up for retreats, conferences, special events, sponsor a family adopting a child, all in one simple place. *U.S. only. Additional fees apply.

Group Finder

Finding small groups, ministries, and other community opportunities can be a real pain sometimes. But it doesn’t need to be that difficult! You can integrate with your public website and allow people to find connection points based on things that are most important to them. They can even quickly contact the leader while keeping contact information confidential.

Public Church Calendar

It can be a nightmare for members to keep up with all the events going on if it’s not in one, central location. There’s the picnic, and the movie night, missions trip meeting, and oh, don’t forget about the family camping trip! You can display any group’s event on your public website. People can see what’s going on in real-time, find details, RSVP, and export events to personal calendars.

Your Community Login

You can create a healthy, interactive, private online community for your church because any leader or member can have access to it. This encourages the whole church to get on board, since it’s how they can get inside information about church life. The transition from your website to your private online community is seamless for the end user. We even allow you to customize the look and feel of the online community once people are logged in so they still feel like they are interacting with you, not us.

Integration (API)

Our goal is to provide a powerful hub for community, communication, and connectedness. Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to determine how people will ultimately interact with that hub. If you have other software which needs to talk with our software or want your website to be the one-stop shop for anything anyone could ever need, you can make it happen with our robust API services.

Room Capacities

You can set attendance limits on events to prevent more people being checked in than the capacity of the room allows. It’s great for child check-in because we make sure the adult to child ratio is always respected. This also works well for conferences and events with limited seating.

Event Registration, Forms, & Surveys

Accurate and current information is so important to those responsible for serving, caring for, and communicating with the church. The Forms feature can help you get all the information you’ll ever need. Be creative when using them – everything from surveys to building usage requests, volunteer applications, prayer needs, event registrations, and everything else in-between! You can email forms, post them on your website, and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Form managers can easily find individual and group responses in order to make well-informed decisions. Most importantly, because our forms do not require you to log in to complete them, anyone can fill one out.

Resource Management

Managing requests for rooms and resources can be a full-time job all by itself, but with a connected resource management system, it’s as smooth as it could be for your facilities manager. Your staff and group leaders can request any available resource when adding an event. Then, coordinators can quickly make other vital decisions without having to call 20 people at the church to get an answer. Meanwhile, the software eliminates those all too embarrassing double bookings.


With our Check-In system, you can check kiddos in to Sunday School, adults into small groups, or volunteers into their respective areas of service. It also allows you to track real-time attendance in any setting and promotes security. It’s simple to find people and families, quickly check them in, and print out name badges and pickup tags. Is someone getting fussy? You can also use the Check-In tool for Text Message Paging. Our Complete version gives you access to Self Check-In, digital Check-Out, and a Check-in app for iPad. You can also check people in to multiple services at one time, suggest classes based on their age, and make sure you have enough teachers in each classroom. We take care of all those little details so no one drops the ball. You can use Check-In in as many locations and for as many ministries you want.

Volunteer Scheduling and Service Planning

Once you find the right people to serve, it only makes sense that you would also want to schedule everything. Our Volunteer Scheduling works alongside Positions and Groups to make it easy to find, place, and organize people to serve. You can create a variety of different schedules for your worship teams, children’s ministry leaders – really, any team in your church — and they’ll receive automatic reminders so they show up on time. Your leaders can easily communicate with other teams and see who is serving to help avoid double bookings and volunteer burnout. Use Service Plans to share songs, add a service outline to your schedule, and upload files in your Song Library.

Dashboard Metrics

Dashboards put the metrics that matter to your unique ministry role at your fingertips. Compare this week or this month with historical data and see the trends in your church. You’ll never have to make important ministry decisions without the information you need.

Additional Check-in Features

Complete adds a lot of powerful features to Check-In. You can save Check-In Station setups, so your volunteers from the nursery to the middle school class can just enter a password and go. Multi-service support lets you check kids into as many services as you need to, all at once. Self Check-In speeds up check-in lines by letting your regulars check themselves in while your volunteers are assisting your guests. And if you’ve ever been concerned about keeping track of who checked out Johnny and when, Check-Out is here to keep your kids safe.

Group Hierarchy

For your small groups to be healthy, your leaders need to train, inform, and guide their small group leaders on a proactive basis. Our Complete version extends the group and department structure by offering relational communication and a way to care for everyone. The Director-Coach-Leader relationship hierarchy is all about leaders talking to other leaders. It’s designed to encourage and cultivate a healthy atmosphere where leaders talk with their teams while providing accountability and support.


Multi-site is no longer just an interesting trend. It’s here to stay. And that’s a good thing, because it is a new way of life for churches of all shapes and sizes. These ministries require unique systems, processes, and technology to be most effective. You can give your leaders the ability to manage and measure ministry strategy at a campus-wide and ministry-wide level, because at the end of the day, it’s all connected. People can communicate within a single campus, while having access to ministry opportunities across multiple campuses.


What You Need to Know About Upgrading

  1. You can upgrade your contract at any time.
  2. Upgrading requires signing a new one-year contract, so your renewal date will change.
  3. Upgrade pricing changes monthly, because we credit back your previous contract based on how many months are unused on that contract. You can learn about how we calculate upgrade pricing in this article.
  4. All pricing is based on your self-reported normal weekly attendance.

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