PastorsLine lets you text (or voice broadcast) your Church Community Builder groups or individuals, today, whether or not you know their mobile phone provider. Using your existing Church Community Builder phone numbers and names, you can merge data in, to send personalized text messages to any group or individual. Our integration also pushes data back to Church Community Builder, keeping your data synced, up-to-date, and ready to go for all your communication needs. PastorsLine differs from other bulk texting (and calling) solutions because they focus on churches and church growth, the interface is very intuitive, and the solution can be used from any device.

Bonus: For a more personal feel, you also get to choose your own local number(s) that can match your church’s zip code. Want to see how it works? Check out the demo. Want to try it yourself? Sign-up for a FREE 30-day trial. Use invite code: CCBPL to unlock your free local number.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


One of the biggest barriers to church generosity is a complicated digital giving solution. Pushpay has designed and built the first genuine 10-second mobile giving solution, an amazing web option, and even a beautifully-designed custom app. Because of Pushpay's unique strategy to engage new givers and increase giving by driving all giving traffic toward mobile, we see our churches experience great success when they implement Pushpay. They actually guarantee a 5% increase in your giving! It’s because of these reasons, and we know that the folks at Pushpay are eager to see the local Church succeed and grow, that we have released an unprecedented two-way integration with them.

*Two-way integration with Church Community Builder

Secure Give

SecureGive provides Giving Kiosks, Online Giving, Mobile Giving, and Text-to-Give solutions, helping your church grow its giving by enabling people to give easily whenever they want. On top of that, their integration with Church Community Builder can help automate your reporting, allowing you to focus on your ministry. Visit their website to take a tour.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

Bomb Bomb

BombBomb’s church email software is the only email tool designed for churches and integrated with Church Community Builder. BombBomb makes it easy to develop and send smart-looking email newsletters or inspiring video messages to groups or your entire congregation.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

Crystal Touch

Crystal Touch SMS for Church Community Builder is now available to all church partners outside the US. Crystal SMS seamlessly integrates with the Church Community Builder Twexting™ feature to allow for hassle-free text messaging. Visit their website and sign up to create your account. It takes less than 24 hours to get started!

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


SwissCo designs impactful websites that connect the church and invite curious first-time visitors. We believe your website should make it easy to get directions online, keep up-to-date information, or even catch the latest sermon from any device. Fill out a contact form to schedule a free consultation today.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

Secure Search

SecureSearch is a premier online volunteer and pre-employment screening service used by thousands of churches nationwide. Their fast, compliant, and accurate profiles help pastors and administrators make critical decisions when it comes to their ministries. Requests can be securely submitted and profile reports accessed 24/7, from anywhere with an internet connection. To learn more, visit SecureSearch online or call 866.891.1954 ext.3327.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

Phone Tree

Since 1989, PhoneTree® makes it easy to keep in touch with congregants using phone, text and email. Since 1989 when a church emergency prompted PhoneTree founder A.J. DiBianca to create the first automated messaging system, PhoneTree has been an industry leader in automated calling and messaging. Start a free trial of their cloud product and get 100 points free using the promo code: CCB100. Or contact Todd Jones at 800-951-8733 x1009 for information about their on-site solutions.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


POS Computer Corp provides discounted IT hardware. Partnering with POS Computer Corp gives you access to over 14,000 unique products from over 50 manufactures. With state of the market systems utilizing green technology, the mission of POS is to provide products and solutions with a high degree of professionalism, integrity, and outstanding customer service. Church Community Builder church partners receive discounted rates.

Mortar Stone

MortarStone provides a solution for pastors who want a better understanding of donor giving patterns, cycles, and trends. Numeric and financial progress require effective strategies, and growing a healthy, generous church is easier when leaders can guide with objective data. MortarStone’s system automatically identifies and surfaces ministry opportunities, donor behavioral changes, and much more. Church Community Builder church partners are eligible for a free 14-day trial.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

BLM Tech

BLM Technologies is an industry leader with over 25 years of experience providing banks the cost-effective, single-source information technology solutions they need for success. BLM delivers complete solutions including hardware sales, equipment installation, customized maintenance services for on-site and depot repair, fulfillment services, asset disposal/recycling services, project management, and IT staffing.


Buzzsprout is the only solution you need for hosting, promoting, and tracking your podcasts on the web. It’s easy to use, has promotion tools to help you get the word out about new podcasts, and gives you the ability to view useful statistics on your listeners — and there’s no software to install. Sign up for free here.


Aware3 can help you launch and manage a fully-branded native iPhone & Android mobile app, allowing you to connect with current and prospective members like never before. In today’s always connected world, people want to connect with what’s important to them when, where, and how they want.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

CCB Press Big

CCBPress offers an easy way to display information from Church Community Builder on your church’s WordPress website. From an always up-to-date event calendar to widgets for displaying upcoming events and group details, CCBPress makes managing the content on your website a little easier — and always in sync. Visit for more information about the plugin.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

Call Em All

Call-em-all helps your church automate its telephone tree in order to simplify communication with your groups and members. Religious organizations frequently need to get important messages out to their staff or congregation, and using a traditional calling tree or email can be slow, tedious, and error-prone. Using the integration with Church Community Builder, Call-Em-All enables you to sync your groups and members, keeping them up to date and making sure your messages get where they need to go on time.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


Subsplash created the original Church App platform to help churches genuinely engage their community. They focus on building quality software that yields great results! That means reaching more people, deepening involvement through quality technology, and growing your giving. Today, Subsplash is the leading mobile engagement platform, serving thousands of churches and ministries worldwide, including over 50 of the top 100 in the US. The Church App platform is the true all in one solution that includes customized mobile apps, a full giving solution, sermon delivery on your website, and podcasting. With Subsplash Giving’s revolutionary Grow Curve, the more a church processes, the lower the rate drops, allowing a church to keep more of each donation.

Fill out this form to learn more and receive a special Church Community Builder discount.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

Portable Church

Portable Church® Industries creates customized, all-inclusive solutions for churches and ministries that are mobile. They can provide everything from mixing consoles to truss to coffee systems to children’s toys to the cases and trailers to store it all. Their streamlined systems ensure that setup and teardown aren’t the biggest experience people have on a Sunday. Portable Church Industries is ready to embrace opportunities to serve and enrich the local church as well as the lives of pastors and volunteers worldwide.


Kindrid is a new approach to generosity, built to equip the local church. They provide innovative ways to facilitate, communicate, and initiate generosity through their unique Smart Giving product. Smart Giving not only unleashes the easiest ways to give into the hands of every person with a smartphone, but also provides you with simple tools to communicate to, understand, and grow a generous culture. No matter the size or needs of your church, Kindrid is experienced to handle them — and fully compatible with Church Community Builder.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

TXT 2give

Txt2Give is the easiest way to receive donations by text message at your church. Using a short, natural text conversation, their powerful platform guides donors through the giving process while providing them options such as designated giving, recurring gift setup, and more. Plus, with Txt2Give’s Church Community Builder integration, donations flow effortlessly and automatically into your site. Txt2Give have no contracts and a 30-day free trial, so it’s simple to get started.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


Givington’s is the most cost-effective and time-efficient resource provider for churches and ministries. Their unique model provides the books, studies, Bibles, and other resources you need at prices that consistently beat Amazon and CBD and with personal service that saves serious time. They free you to do the hands-on work of the ministry and help you steward your spending well.

EMS Barcode

EMS Barcode Solutions offers a wide range of products to fit your church’s needs. They provide refurbished hardware and media such as barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanners, label printers, and entire check-in systems. EMS Barcode believes the real job begins after you’ve chosen the right solution for your church. With a dedicated team of service professionals, they work hand in hand with your church on implementation, training, configuration, and much more.

Assessme’s online Assessment Packs help people understand their ‘Divine Design’. Ministry leaders receive access to these reports, empowering them to mobilize the right people, with the right temperament, leadership style, skills, and giftedness, for ministry service.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


Focus Next Steps from 52projects is the automated card-scanning solution for your church’s contact cards. With card reading, profile creation, profile updating, and Process Queue automation, Focus Next Steps enables you to have data integrity people, not data entry people.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


Protect My Ministry can help you fill the gaps in your risk management strategy. With thousands of ministries served across all fifty states we are committed to helping faith-based organizations maintain a safe environment, so they can focus on fulfilling their mission. Our processes, products and solutions have made Protect My Ministry the industry leader for church background checks.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

Vanco Payment Solutions

Vanco Payment Solutions helps over 20,000 churches and nonprofits conveniently, securely and efficiently implement a broad range of e-Giving solutions while more effectively managing their operations and broadening their missions. Churches rely on Vanco for expert service, support and the latest innovations — all developed with faith-based organizations in mind.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

Belay Solutions

The well-worn path to growth is filled with obstacles and pitfalls — so we blazed a new trail. Our flexible, low-risk model to staffing allows you to scale your organization safely and efficiently. Real growth…without the growing pains. While our services are virtual, our people are very real. We employ only the most talented, experienced specialists to ensure your organization is equipped with the tools it needs to ascend. Whether you’re on the ground floor, or a few feet from the summit, BELAY specialists help your church climb higher. Higher efficiency and lower risk allow you to grow with peace of mind.


The You Discover Truth mobile app is packed with amazing resources to help you help others be disciples. It's not another Bible app or Bible study; it's the only app with everything in one place to connect and disciple everyone, all the time. Use your brand, our brand, or both to connect, engage, grow and retain like never before. Visit to learn more.


Creating an amazing mobile experience for your church does not have to include years of wandering around in the wilderness. ProApps Live has a talented team that can relate with your vision and goals and help reach the promise land. They share your passion to experience amazing products that are beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use. If you're interested in learning more about ProApps Live and how a mobile app can benefit your church, you can reach them at

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


mobileAxept pioneered text and mobile giving for churches in Scandinavia starting in 2006, expanding to the United States in 2011. Church members can donate securely, in seconds, with their “GiveNow” mobile donation tool. mobileAxept solutions are integrated with Church Community Builder’s church management system, making it convenient and easy for your administrators. Check out mobileAxept’s website to get started today!

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


InThrMa Energy Management Suite is the ideal tool for modernizing and optimizing your Church's HVAC systems. Put your HVAC systems on autopilot with InThrMa EMS and Church Community Builder and get back more time to tend to your facilities and more resources to put towards ministry. Learn more..

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


BoxCast is a complete, easy-to-use, live streaming solution for organizations. Founded by believers, BoxCast helps hundreds of churches around the world reach and engage their members online.


Whether you only need the basics in fund accounting or require advanced reporting and tools such as budget by fund, fixed assets, or multisite reporting, Aplos gives you the tools you need to customize your accounting system to your church’s unique reporting needs. To make your accounting even simpler, when your giving is entered into Church Community Builder it can now be seamlessly sent to Aplos Accounting.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder


Ministry Vitals helps identify, improve and ignite ministry growth using software and training designed to bring out the best in your church staff and church systems. We help church ministries optimize their value delivery process through integrated software that solve bottlenecks in systems and internal processes. Ministry Vitals mission is to help you eliminate wasted resources – time and energy that is better spent fulfilling the strategic goals of your church.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder

If you are using the #1 newsletter platform, MailChimp, to send out weekly newsletters, Church Community Builder has an exciting integration. Introducing CCBchimp. CCBchimp is an integration, sponsored by, that allows you to sync your Church Community Builder (CCB) account with Mailchimp. You have complete control to choose which campuses, groups, or saved searches you need to import. CCBchimp never stores any of your contacts within their platform. Your church can use a free or paid MailChimp account.

*Integrated with Church Community Builder