Divided features lead to divided ministry

Experience tells us that splitting up features directly impacts how people engage. This is why we offer packaged solutions built on church size and needs that don’t break the bank.

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Get your people engaged in the church and growing in their faith through our basic package.

Package Includes:

  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Donor Management
  • Groups
  • Events and Calendars
  • Follow Up Process
  • Website Integration
  • Custom Searches and Reports
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Congregant and Lead App

This package is designed to move your church down the engagement path. See where they're at, move them into next steps, and grow your people from the phone in the palm of your hand!

Package Includes:

  • Everything in Core plus...
  • Volunteer Scheduling
  • Service Plans
  • Unlimited Follow Up Processes
  • Limited Check-In
  • Facility Management
  • Forms
  • 7 years of Giving History

Built to make community effortless. This plan utilizes all of our features so that you can spend less time in spreadsheets and more time in ministry. Stay close with your people as your Church grows!

Package Includes:

  • Everything in Advanced plus...
  • Advanced Check-In
  • Dashboard Metrics
  • Multi-Site
  • Group Leadership Hierarchy
  • Private Notes

Software Overview

Start feeling organized without the effort.


See everything about a person all in one place.


Get all your kids checked in safely.


Create email templates you can reuse to communicate to your people.


Manage your service plans, song libraries, serving rotations and more.


Organize your people and programs.


Accept payments on events or collect information on anything.


Keep track of your growing church.


Organize your events effeciently.


Simplify your tools with ChurchStaq.

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With the Core Package you can:

  • People Profile’s allows you and your congregation to know each other, from groups, serving opportunities, events, allergies, kids, contact information and more
  • Groups can be a woman’s event, your entire church, and yes, your small groups a group too! Communicate, organize, register, and everything you want to do with groups all within our software
  • Reports and Donations can all go through the software. You can run a custom report that’s savable AND shareable so the right people know about important things like attendance and small group sign ups and more

With the Advanced Package you can:

  • Check-in allows you to keep track of not just Sunday school but also small groups, events, even checking in volunteers to know all your stations have the right people in the right places
  • Volunteer Scheduling allows you to build service plans, schedule volunteers, and message groups all from one place. You can also see if someone is double booked or not volunteering at all and invite them to engage
  • Forms can be used to solve so many problems. Everything from surveys to building usage requests, volunteer applications, prayer needs, event registrations, and everything else in-between

With the Complete Package you can:

  • Check-in includes all of our main features as well as adding in self check-in for your people to get connected, even when you’re not there
  • Metrics allows you to compare this week or this month with historical data and see the trends in your church from attendance to giving
  • Multi-site gives your leaders the ability to manage and measure ministry strategy at a campus-wide and ministry-wide level, because at the end of the day, it’s all connected in our software

Questions we get from time to time

What makes Church Community Builder unique?

There are a lot of tools out there to help you manage the processes of your church. We aim to be more than that. We want to partner with you as you make disciples. We believe engagement in your church is a clear path to discipleship, so our software keeps engagement at the forefront: bringing you the tools and information you need to know, grow, and keep your people.

What's the difference between weekly attendees and profiles / records?

Normal Weekly Attendance means the total number of people, including children, that attend your church on a weekly basis. We price our software based on your weekly attendance, not your total number of profiles or records, so you can have an unlimited number of profiles in your system. We think this is important so you can keep all of your records in one place and track someone's involvement in your church, even if they aren't a regular part of your church family, without worrying about bumping yourself into a new pricing tier.

What about mobile?

We know that people are doing more and more of their lives on their phones and other mobile devices, and we want to meet them where they're at. Church Community builder offers mobile apps, a new responsive interface for people and groups, and a number of other mobile-friendly experiences to make it easy to do ministry wherever you are. And continuing to focus on improving mobile experiences is a huge part of our future development efforts too.

Do I have to pay for new updates?

There are no extra costs for software updates. They’re included with your annual Church Community Builder license. We want you to have a great experience with the software, so we release new features and fixes regularly. And because the software is web-based, you get those updates automatically.

Do you provide training or support?

We won’t leave you hanging. Online help articles, video tutorials, and email ticket support are all included at no additional cost with your Church Community Builder software license. If you want personalized, in-depth training on an area of the software, you can get that too with virtual and on-site training.