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Software is awesome, but we care about so much more. We truly desire to be a value-added part of your life as a church leader.

Preferred Service Provider Webinar Series - Pastorsline and CCBChimp

Join us to hear from Jason Alexis, creator of both the PastorsLine and the CCBChimp applications, about how your church can drive engagement while saving time using one of or both of these two tools! 

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Preferred Service Provider Webinar Series - 52 Projects, InThrMa, and ProApps Live Resources

Watch this recorded webinar to hear from our Preferred Service Providers about a missions management software integration, an HVAC software integration, the latest customized mobile app provider, and more. Presenters Include: 52projects, InThrMa, and ProApps Live.

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New Preferred Service Provider: YouDiscoverTruth

The Bible is an amazing work. Even those who’ve been studying it for years regularly find new truths hidden in its pages. For many of us, gaining a simple, fast, and authentic understanding of God’s Word is challenging. That’s why we’re glad to announce our new partnership with the discipleship app from 3Cord, YouDiscoverTruth.

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Why Good Financial Management Isn’t About Money

Larry Osborne, co-author of Sticky Church, is very fond of saying, “If churches spent as much time and energy counting faces as they did dollars, they would not have a growth problem.” We at Church Community Builder couldn’t agree more.

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