Empowering volunteers just got easier.

Serving others is a core part of authentic church community and true discipleship. As a church leader - you have the unique opportunity to encourage, influence, and empower those who step into a serving role. That’s why we’re excited to offer a church volunteer scheduling software tool that can help you stay organized and communicate effectively with your volunteers and leadership teams. We want to make it easy for your church to continue growing and being effective in ministry.

A New Way to Create.

The new flow to create a schedule makes it much simpler to make one from scratch. We’ve simplified the schedule software interface and given you less steps to walk through, without removing any of the powerful functionality. For example, to add other times to a service (think: rehearsals, setup, prayer, or tear down), use the ‘Manage Meeting Times’ button.


Schedule Organizer

Each week can have its own Schedule Organizer, who will receive all communication related to that schedule week. Whether creating a schedule or editing one, you’ll find all of that on this page.


Edit Multiple Weeks

After you’ve created the schedule, we’ve put even more customization power in your hands. Using the checkboxes, you can choose to edit any number of weeks at once.

Your Scheduling Grid.


Build a schedule in just 5 clicks.

The new schedules tool allows you to save hours with how simple it is to set up a service. Then you can group your volunteers into serving rotations and with just one more click, all of them get assigned to the position they want to serve in! Once your schedule is built you can then have it repeat for as long as you'd like. No more spreadsheets, no more excel docs, just ministry.

Additional Features



Serving preferences are now set by position rather than group. This gives your volunteers more control and flexibility over their schedule.


Block Out Dates

We gave the Block Out Dates calendar a facelift and updated look, but we are also providing a more smooth experience.


Individual Actions

Send a quick email to the volunteer, change their status, or remove them from that week's schedule.



You no longer have to go to another page to add files or email the volunteers. Using the ‘add files’ button allows you to attach files from your computer or from the group’s files.


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