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From ideas to design to finished features, we’ve always designed our software with church leaders in mind. Our goal is to equip your leaders and volunteers with the tools they need to do ministry, and that seeps into every corner of the software. Your church is full of dedicated leaders who fill vital roles that keep your ministry thriving. We’re here to support them.

Church Community Builder Software

Features Highlights

We are committed to providing tools to make you more effective in your ministry. Check out a few of our favorite features below or compare a full list of our features and versions.

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Data can show you the big picture of your ministry health in a way that nothing else can. Dashboards give you a streamlined view of metrics specifically designed for the unique role you play at your church.

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We’re passionate about equipping church leaders with tools and resources to help them excel in their role. That’s why we’re putting content that matters to you right into your dashboard.

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Streamlined Attendance Recording

When you need to record an event’s attendance, you might not have a computer on hand — but you probably have your phone. With email notifications and mobile optimization, recording attendance is just a finger tap away, wherever you are.

ICONS form builder

Intuitive Form Builder

The form builder gives you what you need up front, with a drag-and-drop interface and every setting at your fingertips. You can even see a real-time preview of your form as you build it.

Powerful Automations

Powerful Automations

Form respondents can be automatically added to any group, event, position, or process queue. The built-in forms automation features are sleek, versatile, and powerful—and so are the email notification options that come with them.

Easy Online Giving

Giving should never be difficult or intimidating, no matter if this is your first gift or if you have been part of the church for years. Our mobile-optimized public giving interface is simple and clean, streamlining the giving process whether it’s being used on computer, tablet, or phone.

online giving
Touchscreen Compatible

Touchscreen Compatible

You can easily run Check-In from a touchscreen computer or tablet, eliminating the need for a full desktop computer at each Check-In station.

Text Message Paging

Text Message Paging

When you need to get a hold of a parent, and quickly, there’s no better tool to use than the one already in their hands — their phones.

Additional Features

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management

With our Positions feature, you can easily match people to the positions they’d excel in — and our scheduling tools can help you organize and communicate so your volunteers always know where they’re serving. Learn more

Process Queues

Process Queues

With our Process Queues tool, you can track people through the steps of any process your ministry uses, making sure no one falls through the cracks.



People and the groups they belong to are at the heart of the software. Through groups, you can organize message threads, events, needs, and more — all while making sure people only see what they should. Learn more


Multi-Site Support

With our multi-site tools, you can give your leaders the ability to manage and measure ministry strategy at a campus-wide and ministry-wide level, because at the end of the day, it’s all connected. Learn more

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