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Even More Scheduling Improvements

Our September software update saw the release of our redesigned Scheduling feature. While you provided some great comments about what we got right, we also heard that there were some experiences we could have made even better. We agree. Based on your feedback, we devoted our last development cycle to providing even more improvements to the newly redesigned scheduling tool.

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Age Bracket Field Updates

For years, the Age Bracket field has been a remnant of the way our software worked. However, it is no longer the best way to track someone's age. We have decided to remove it from the software in our next release on Wednesday evening, November 9. 

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September 2016: Improved Security and Scheduling

This month's release is going to introduce new features and redesigns that will provide a better and more secure online giving experience, and ease your Sunday morning stress with improved volunteer management tools. This upcoming Thursday, September 8, we'll be rolling out these exciting new changes — and we think you're going to love them.

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Scheduling. Completely Redesigned.

We're redesigning scheduling… and we think you’re going to love it. On September 8, all standard and deluxe versions of the software will have access to a new and improved scheduling interface that will empower leaders and inspire volunteers to greater levels of engagement.

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