5 Ways to Prepare for Our New Check-In Feature

Our New Check-In is now available, allowing both the old Check-In and New Check-In to run at the same time. This will give your team time to make sure everything is in place to create the best experience for your families, guests, and volunteers. So what should you do before you make the switch? We put together a short list to help you say goodbye" to the old and hello" to the new!

1.  Check Your Equipment

You may have some equipment that needs a little updating. Here are a few things you can do to make sure all of your Check-In equipment is in order before you launch New Check-In.
  • Make sure your devices are updated to the most current operating system version. (We support the current OS and 1 previous for iOS and Current plus two previous for Android.
  • Make sure you are using one of our supported printers.
  • Check that your printers are running the most recent firmware.
  • Purchase any newly supported devices like Fire Tablets, smartphones, and iPods.
  • Check if your iPads are set to auto update your Check-In app. (If you are not ready to switch from old Check-In to new, you will want to turn this functionality off. There is no undo once you update your app.)

2.  Review Check-In Articles 

We’ve updated our Knowledge Center with some spiffy new articles that will help you prepare for the improvements coming to New Check-In. You can view all of our New Check-In articles.

3.  Watch a Free Training Webinar

We have a free training on New Check-In to help assist you and your teams as you prepare for New Check-In. Go ahead and take a look at the recording. 
Watch Check-In Training

4.  Create volunteer Schedules 

We can’t forget about our volunteers! Our New Check-In is integrated with our Schedules tool, allowing you to print volunteer specific labels and see who on your schedule has checked in. With this connection, you might even be able to eliminate some kiosks.  Best of all, you get real time visibility to your Sunday Schedule.  Learn more about this functionality. 
But this functionality only comes with using our Schedules, which went through a major update. If you haven’t made the switch to our schedules tool, now is the time! More functionality is coming to Schedules later this year (Worship Planning anyone?) and your Check-In reports will only get better when using Schedules.  Learn more about Schedules.

5.  Set a Date for launch 

All this planning will help you determine when your church should make the switch from Old Check-In to New! Old Check-in will only be available until May 5, 2020. So take a look at the calendar and determine when is the best time to transition for your church. Plan any training dates for your new volunteers and plan for parent communications to go over any process changes.
That's it! We think these 5 steps will help you be the most successful before you make the switch to our New Check-In Platform, now available!  

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Posted by Church Community Builder on May 23, 2019 1:04:35 PM