Aiding in Disaster Relief

When a disaster strikes, it's critical to move fast to get people in need connected with people who can help. Even long after the initial incident, there are still countless ways people need aid in rebuilding their lives. We know your church body is already a population eager to mobilize to support each other and those in surrounding areas, so we wanted to remind you of some of the tools in the software you can use to assist your efforts.


Needs let you quickly and easily put out a request for specific items or resources, allowing people to sign up to fulfill that request. You can also use Needs for people to report on available resources they may have, and then those in need can take the items that would help them.

You can create a Need through any group, and add the specific items requested as well as the date they are needed by. Then you can inform the members of that group that there are new items available to be taken. Get more information about Needs in these Help Articles and Videos.

Hurricane Needs

Needs are available through the desktop software, as well as through the LEAD app (for iOS and Android).


Forms are a way to quickly gather information about a family in need to determine how best to provide them support and care. You can create a form for people to fill out if they've lost their home, have trouble getting to their job, have imminent medical needs, etc.

Hurricane Forms

Once someone has filled out a form, you can create form-level or question-level automation to add someone to the right place for follow-up. For example, if someone has indicated they've lost their home, you may want to add them to a Process Queue to track the steps needed to provide them assistance and get them back on their feet. Learn more about creating and managing forms with these Help Articles and Videos.

Process Queues

Process Queues are a way to track people through multiple steps of a follow-up process, and they can be extremely helpful in keeping track of who needs attention and what previous outreach they have already received. You can task specific staff members or volunteers to own each step of the process, and you can leave notes on a person's profile as they move through the process so the next leader has a complete picture of their journey so far.

Hurricane Process Queues

You can find more detailed information about creating and managing Process Queues in these Help Articles and Videos.

Online Giving

Even when people can't contribute in a tangible way, they may still want to help by supporting each other financially. You can set up a unique Chart of Accounts category designated for disaster aid, and allow people to contribute to it through the public online giving tool.

Hurricane Giving

Read this Help Article if you are having trouble getting your online giving system set up.

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