[Resolved] Check-In Experience 3/14/21

Lyric & Chord Chart Editor

Get all the Details Just Right with New Create and Edit Event

Refreshed Processes and Departments to Help You Finish 2020 Strong

New Updates in November to Help You Finish 2020 Strong

Reimagine the Holiday with Service Overview

A Church App To Connect Beyond Sunday

Connect 2020 Product Launch - 16 new updates to help grow your ministry!

Bring Schedules Together with Family Serving Calendar

New Simplified Navigation and Design

Check-In: Mobile Print Hubs and New Report Filter

Updated Privacy Policy & a New Login Experience

New Integrated Features — Pushpay & Church Community Builder

Coronavirus - Software Updates to Help You Reach Your People

Transitioning to Online Giving

Building Community in Times of Crisis

February Release Round-Up

Service Plans for the Mobile Leader

Enhanced New Check-In

Public Sign Ups, Pending Profiles, & More!

Coming Soon to a Beta Near You...

Pushpay & Church Community Builder Come Together Under One Umbrella

Introducing Checkr Integration!

Schedules & Plans — Templates, Reports, and More!

New Check-In Update - Improvements With You In Mind

It's Time to Say 'Goodbye' to Old Schedules and Old Positions

Announcing Worship Team Planning Software - Unifying the Weekend Experience

New Check-In is Here!

5 Ways to Prepare for Our New Check-In Feature

Updates Coming! New Giving, an App, and Worship Planning!

Create Profile and Request Login Updates

AT&T Text Message Solution

Beta Schedules now in the LEAD app!

Duplicate Detector and Improvements to People Search

Schedules & Plans Road Map

Do You Know Your Support Options?

Old Profile Going Away

Schedules: Reimagined Training Materials

July 2018 Quarterly Webinar Recording

Schedules: Reimagined coming to Beta

API Rate Limiting

LEAD 6.0 — View Calendars and Add People

People: Reimagined Training Materials

Mobile Preview: A Peek at New People Pages

Mar 2018: Schedules in Lead & Profiles in Mobile Preview

Jan 2018: Tiles & Timeline in the Mobile Preview

January 2018 Software Webinar Recording

January 2018 Software Update Webinar

BlueView to CardPointe

Old Schedules Off-Ramp

Migrating from Old Schedules to New Schedules

December 2017: Features and Maintenance

The LEAD App - Now With Process Queues!

A New Way To Submit Support Tickets

November 2017: Features and Maintenance

October Quarterly Software Webinar Recording

October 2017: Fall Maintenance

October Quarterly Software Update & Preview Webinar

Updates to iPad Check-In App

Mobile Friendly Forms are Here!

September 2017: Schedules, AirPrint, Event Search, and more

Aiding in Disaster Relief

August 2017: Mobile Preview Improvements and Bug Fixes

Quarterly Software Webinar Recording

Quarterly Software Update & Preview Webinar

New App: iPad Manned Check-In

June 2017: Bug Fixes

Giving on the Go to Beat the Summer Slump

May 2017: Bug Fixes and Canadian Giving Statements

Meeting All Your Needs: Small Group Leader App

The {Mobile} Future of Church Community Builder

April 2017: Spring Cleaning for Easter

Scheduling in the Hands of Your Volunteers

Contact Number Removal

February 2017: A Fresh Start for the New Year

Join the PEP Squad — Tell Us What You Think

Why are there deceased donors on giving statements?

Beta Testing with Church Community Builder

Even More Scheduling Improvements

Age Bracket Field Updates

September 2016: Improved Security and Scheduling

Scheduling. Completely Redesigned.

August 2016: More Powerful Tools and Data

Empowering Leaders With the Metrics They Need

Make Giving Easier than Ever with All-New Pushpay Integration

New Preferred Service Provider: YouDiscoverTruth

New Preferred Service Provider: ProApps Live

June 2016: Small Wins

Introducing the Small Group Leader App!

April 2016: A Little Spring Cleaning

March 2016: Renovated, Refined, and Ready for More!

Software Outage (Thursday, March 17)

March 2016 : Dragging & Dropping a Better Experience

Software Performance and Customer Service Issues

Discontinued Support for RC4 Ciphers

February 2016: Continuing to Improve Your Experience

New Preferred Service Provider:Vanco Payment Solutions

New Preferred Service Provider:Render Virtual Webmaster Services

December 2015: First Fixes

Renovation and Refinement: Winter 2015–Spring 2016

October 2015: Be Heard in Beta

November 2015: All the Little Fixes

September 2015: Small Release, Small Victories

-BETA- June-September

June 2015: Church Community Builder 4.1

June 2015: More Wins in 4.1

-BETA- February–May 2015

What Is a Leadership Role?

March 25, 2015: Reports In Your Inbox

March 25, 2015: A Dashboard for the Executive Pastor

-BETA- February–April 2015: Dashboards

February 11, 2015: Scheduling, Simplified

Advancing Your Mission Through Better Dashboards

Renovation and Refinement: Winter 2015–Spring 2016

December 2015: First Fixes

November 2015: Invite. Inform. Inspire.

November 2015: All the Little Fixes

Five new Church Community Builder features you should know

New Preferred Service Provider:Protect My Ministry

Test Emails Being Sent to Church Community Builder Customers

October 2015: Be Heard in Beta

[Mitigated] Text Messages Not Sending for Some Carriers

September 2015: Small Release, Small Victories

New Preferred Service Provider: Focus Next Steps

Planned Maintenance Wednesday, July 22 10pm (MDT)

-BETA- June-September

[Resolved] Web Software Outage June 12 @ 4:11am (MDT)

New Preferred Service Provider: Mogiv

Background Task Delays May 8-11

-BETA- February–May 2015

Discontinued Support for CBC Ciphers (TLS)

Web Software Outage March 18 @12:32pm (MDT)

March 25, 2015: Reports In Your Inbox

*Resolved* Issues with Submitting Online Gifts through BluePay

-BETA- February–April 2015: Dashboards

Software Outage and Latency (Monday, Jan 26)

New Preferred Service Provider: ChurchCast