A Church App To Connect Beyond Sunday

Connect 2020 Product Launch - 16 new updates to help grow your ministry!

Bring Schedules Together with Family Serving Calendar

New Simplified Navigation and Design

Check-In: Mobile Print Hubs and New Report Filter

Updated Privacy Policy & a New Login Experience

New Integrated Features — Pushpay & Church Community Builder

Coronavirus - Software Updates to Help You Reach Your People

Transitioning to Online Giving

Building Community in Times of Crisis

February Release Round-Up

Service Plans for the Mobile Leader

Enhanced New Check-In

Public Sign Ups, Pending Profiles, & More!

Coming Soon to a Beta Near You...

Pushpay & Church Community Builder Come Together Under One Umbrella

Introducing Checkr Integration!

Schedules & Plans — Templates, Reports, and More!

New Check-In Update - Improvements With You In Mind

It's Time to Say 'Goodbye' to Old Schedules and Old Positions

Announcing Worship Team Planning Software - Unifying the Weekend Experience

Faster Answers! New and Improved Support

New Check-In is Here!

5 Ways to Prepare for Our New Check-In Feature

Updates Coming! New Giving, an App, and Worship Planning!

Create Profile and Request Login Updates

AT&T Text Message Solution

Beta Schedules now in the LEAD app!

Duplicate Detector and Improvements to People Search

Schedules & Plans Road Map

Do You Know Your Support Options?

Old Profile Going Away

Schedules: Reimagined Training Materials

July 2018 Quarterly Webinar Recording

Schedules: Reimagined coming to Beta

API Rate Limiting

LEAD 6.0 — View Calendars and Add People

People: Reimagined Training Materials

Mobile Preview: A Peek at New People Pages

Mar 2018: Schedules in Lead & Profiles in Mobile Preview

Jan 2018: Tiles & Timeline in the Mobile Preview

January 2018 Software Webinar Recording

January 2018 Software Update Webinar

BlueView to CardPointe

Old Schedules Off-Ramp

Migrating from Old Schedules to New Schedules

December 2017: Features and Maintenance

The LEAD App - Now With Process Queues!

A New Way To Submit Support Tickets

November 2017: Features and Maintenance

October Quarterly Software Webinar Recording

October 2017: Fall Maintenance

October Quarterly Software Update & Preview Webinar

Updates to iPad Check-In App

Mobile Friendly Forms are Here!

September 2017: Schedules, AirPrint, Event Search, and more

Aiding in Disaster Relief

August 2017: Mobile Preview Improvements and Bug Fixes

Quarterly Software Webinar Recording

Quarterly Software Update & Preview Webinar

New App: iPad Manned Check-In

June 2017: Bug Fixes

Giving on the Go to Beat the Summer Slump

May 2017: Bug Fixes and Canadian Giving Statements

Meeting All Your Needs: Small Group Leader App

The {Mobile} Future of Church Community Builder

April 2017: Spring Cleaning for Easter

Scheduling in the Hands of Your Volunteers

Contact Number Removal

February 2017: A Fresh Start for the New Year

Join the PEP Squad — Tell Us What You Think

Why are there deceased donors on giving statements?

Beta Testing with Church Community Builder

Even More Scheduling Improvements

Age Bracket Field Updates

September 2016: Improved Security and Scheduling

Scheduling. Completely Redesigned.

August 2016: More Powerful Tools and Data

Empowering Leaders With the Metrics They Need

Make Giving Easier than Ever with All-New Pushpay Integration

New Preferred Service Provider: YouDiscoverTruth

New Preferred Service Provider: ProApps Live

June 2016: Small Wins

Introducing the Small Group Leader App!

April 2016: A Little Spring Cleaning

March 2016: Renovated, Refined, and Ready for More!

Software Outage (Thursday, March 17)

March 2016 : Dragging & Dropping a Better Experience

Software Performance and Customer Service Issues

Discontinued Support for RC4 Ciphers

February 2016: Continuing to Improve Your Experience

New Preferred Service Provider:Vanco Payment Solutions

New Preferred Service Provider:Render Virtual Webmaster Services

December 2015: First Fixes

Renovation and Refinement: Winter 2015–Spring 2016

October 2015: Be Heard in Beta

November 2015: All the Little Fixes

September 2015: Small Release, Small Victories

-BETA- June-September

June 2015: Church Community Builder 4.1

June 2015: More Wins in 4.1

-BETA- February–May 2015

What Is a Leadership Role?

March 25, 2015: Reports In Your Inbox

March 25, 2015: A Dashboard for the Executive Pastor

-BETA- February–April 2015: Dashboards

February 11, 2015: Scheduling, Simplified

Advancing Your Mission Through Better Dashboards

Renovation and Refinement: Winter 2015–Spring 2016

December 2015: First Fixes

November 2015: Invite. Inform. Inspire.

November 2015: All the Little Fixes

Five new Church Community Builder features you should know

New Preferred Service Provider:Protect My Ministry

Test Emails Being Sent to Church Community Builder Customers

October 2015: Be Heard in Beta

[Mitigated] Text Messages Not Sending for Some Carriers

September 2015: Small Release, Small Victories

New Preferred Service Provider: Focus Next Steps

Planned Maintenance Wednesday, July 22 10pm (MDT)

-BETA- June-September

[Resolved] Web Software Outage June 12 @ 4:11am (MDT)

New Preferred Service Provider: Mogiv

Background Task Delays May 8-11

-BETA- February–May 2015

Discontinued Support for CBC Ciphers (TLS)

Web Software Outage March 18 @12:32pm (MDT)

March 25, 2015: Reports In Your Inbox

*Resolved* Issues with Submitting Online Gifts through BluePay

-BETA- February–April 2015: Dashboards

Software Outage and Latency (Monday, Jan 26)

New Preferred Service Provider: ChurchCast