Enhanced New Check-In

We've continued to listen to feedback on New Check-In and have released additional tweaks to increase performance and speed. Now available for Standard and Deluxe versions.
New Check-In Flow-1
User Friendly Experience
Churches shared with us that the New Check-In experience was taking longer, had more clicks, and was harder for families to use. This resulted in longer lines and some confused parents.  We went ahead and condensed the overall check in experience to make it not only easier to navigate but much more intuitive for everyone.  
Speed us up, Scotty!  
We added some oomph to the processing time of the app and browser experience.  Faster Pages + Faster Lines = Happier Families and Volunteers.
Retiring Old Check-In
All of these improvements allow us to fully retire the old Check-In experience on November 3. Take a look at all of the improvements we made to Check-In last year to see how your church can take advantage of these new enhancements before Easter.  


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Posted by Bobbie Jo Berry on Feb 5, 2020 10:45:00 AM