Beta Schedules now in the LEAD app!

By popular demand, you can now access your Beta Schedules in the Lead app, to easily manage your schedules and communicate with your volunteers on the go! And we've made some more improvements to Beta Schedules too! Check them out:

Beta Schedules in the Lead App

We've added Beta Schedules to the Lead App. When you first access your schedules, this will be your default experience. You'll get a quick walkthrough, then you'll be able to start working with your Schedules!

Here in the Lead App, you'll find a lot of essential features you need to manage your schedule on the go: the ability to add and remove volunteers, send them messages and requests, and even change their accepted status. And just like in old Schedules, you can click on the number filter to quickly narrow down your schedule to only show the places you still need volunteers.

Lead Beta Schedules

If your church is still using Old Schedules too, you can easily switch back and forth between old and new schedules by tapping the 'Switch' button in the upper right corner. This option will be available until you decide to turn off Old Schedules in your site.

Don't have the Lead app yet? Download it today!

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Other Beta Schedules Improvements

We've also released the following iterations to Beta Schedules over the last month:

  • The 'Background Check Required' setting on positions is now connected to 'Child Work Approved' status on a person's profile. If your volunteer is not Child Work Approved or their approval has expired, organizers will get an alert on the grid.
  • Edit Associated Times before adding Volunteers. You can now choose which associated times are needed for each team and position on your schedule before you add in your volunteers, and those settings will copy over as you add new weeks.
  • Change the days of the week in your range. If you accidentally set up your schedule to start on the wrong day of the week, you can now edit that setting by going to your Schedule list > Actions > Edit Settings > Week Structure.
  • A new 'View All Schedules' button will allow you to load all schedule weeks into the grid with one click. You can find this button on the Schedule List page, and it applies to all schedules in the future.
  • You can now edit a category's settings from the Category List page. Just hover over the category name and click the 'Edit Settings' button.
  • You can now find Beta Schedules data in your Advanced Search Criteria. Look under "Scheduling" in the criteria list in the Old Search page.
  • Your volunteers can add their serving assignments to their personal calendar . From their 'Accepted Requests' page in Beta Schedules, they can use the 'Subscribe to Calendar' button to connect their serving schedule to their external calendar. Note: This does not yet connect their Schedules calendar to their personal calendar in CCB.

Wondering when your anticipated feature is going to be released, or wanting to catch up on all the other changes to Beta Schedules? Check out the Beta Schedules Roadmap blog.

New Videos

We've created a few more videos to keep you up to date on what's changing in Beta Schedules:

For Volunteers
Sign Up to Serve

You can watch our whole series of quick videos, plus explore other materials on Beta Schedules, on our blog: Schedules: Reimagined Training Materials

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Posted by Erin Retka on Nov 5, 2018 8:27:16 AM