New Preferred Service Provider: Focus Next Steps

Introducing our newest preferred service partner and seamless software integration, Focus Next Steps — the leading automated contact card scanning software created by the Kingdom-minded team at 52projects.

Church Community Builder is here to help you manage people, but you don’t always receive information about those people through an electronic form on your website. Entering contact cards manually is tedious, takes time away from ministry, and can sometimes result in errors. To help solve this, we’ve joined forces with Focus Next Steps’ card-scanning automation — and the results are fantastic! It takes less than one-tenth the time to enter in a batch of contact cards, and state-of-the-art scanning technology means your data is error-free 99.8% of the time.

Focus Next Steps is fast, flexible, and accurate in three automated steps:

  1. Next Steps automatically reads batches of your contact cards.
  2. It adds new individuals, matches existing people, updates addresses and communication values, and even adds people to Process Queues from checked items on each card.
  3. All of the people and contacts are added or updated directly to your Church Community Builder site, so your data is completely secure. The goal of Focus Next Steps is to enable you to have data integrity people, not data entry people.
  4. We believe your church will see the value we saw when we chose to integrate with the talented team at 52projects. They’ll even let you run your first 50 cards free to see for yourself how much time you’ll get back each week. Visit Focus Next Steps online to learn more and sign up.

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Posted by Church Community Builder Marketing Team on Aug 3, 2015 7:00:06 AM