New Preferred Service Provider: Mogiv

Meet Mogiv, our newest preferred service provider. Over the past six years, Mogiv has helped hundreds of churches across the country harness online and mobile technology to engage with their givers and dramatically increase their monthly giving.

But other giving platforms can claim the same. What makes Mogiv different?

Mogiv’s multi-channel, cloud-based solution was built from the ground up with your church in mind. It is more than a donation tool. It is a full-service generosity engine, built by church leaders, for church leaders. Here are a few of the tools they have in their belt:

  • One-time and recurring giving to multiple funds within your church
  • Credit/debit card giving and ACH giving
  • ‘Give as a guest’ option that allows attendees to give without an account
  • Text-to-give in any dollar amount
  • Mobile-responsive giving forms to integrate with apps or mobile browsers
  • Real-time, exportable reports that provide a detailed account of your giving
  • Auto-integration with Church Community Builder

Still, other giving systems can boast a similar suite of features. What makes Mogiv special are these three things:

  1. Seamless integration with your church’s website. Mogiv’s mobile-responsive giving forms can be added directly to any page on your church’s website with a simple copy/paste. Stop sending your web traffic away to landing pages or generic web forms to give. Mogiv enables your givers to do all of their giving right from your website.
  2. NO setup fees, subscription fees, or contracts. Mogiv doesn’t think you should pay for a tool you haven’t tried yet. They also don’t think you should write them a check each month just to keep them around. And they definitely don’t think you should be stuck in a long-term relationship if you’re unhappy with the results. All you pay with Mogiv is a small processing fee when your members actually use the platform to give. It’s not working for them until and unless it’s working for you!
  3. Unbelievable customer support. As proud of they are of their technology, Mogiv still considers their partner support team to be their greatest asset. From on-demand coaching to done-for-you communication resources, the team at Mogiv won’t rest until digital giving transforms the culture of generosity at your church. Remember: they’re not successful until and unless you’re successful.

Looking for a better way to give? Visit Mogiv online and watch a free demo today!

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Posted by Church Community Builder Marketing Team on Jun 8, 2015 3:43:29 AM