November 2015: All the Little Fixes

November 11's release is bringing a lot of great new features and redesigns to help your community and your ministry connect better than ever before. But we're not overlooking the little details. We're dedicating a lot of energy to making sure your software runs smoothly ... so much so, that this list isn't finalized yet. It'll keep being updated until the release. (After that, check out our Ongoing Improvements post for the fixes that go straight into your software between releases!)

Advanced Search

  • Using the back button to edit criteria: When using advanced people search and using a browser’s back button to edit search criteria, some fields were resetting and some appeared to stick but actually didn't. We’ve fixed this so that hitting the browser’s back button clears the advanced search criteria and returns the checkboxes to their default states.


  • Attendance_profiles: When using the API for attendance_profiles, head_count was not properly pulling data. It is now.
  • Online_giving_insert_gift and import_online_gifts: We added a new, optional parameter to the online_giving_insert_gift and import_online_gifts API services. The parameter is called transaction_date and is meant to represent the date a transaction was created. If null, the current date is assumed. Future dates are not allowed.


  • Calendar tab: We removed the 'Calendar' tab from the Home page because the unified calendar is easily accessible from the calendar icon in the top-right navigation bar.


  • Welcome message break tags: Firefox was not properly rendering break tags when displaying the message on the home page of a campus. We've fixed this so break tags properly display now.


  • Deceased profiles showing in family edit: While editing a family at Check-In, we were inappropriately showing profiles with a deceased date. We are now hiding those profiles.
  • Allergy information saving: When adding a new family during Check-In and confirming that an added individual has no allergies, sometimes this no-allergy selection would not properly save, making it appear that the individual had allergies when this was not the case. This is now fixed, and snack time should be less confusing.


  • Attendance graphs: Some graphs in the XP Dashboard for Attendance were not updating when different drop-down selections were chosen, and some Y-axis numbers were showing unnecessary decimals. These are fixed.


  • Unsubscribing: Users who were trying to unsubscribe from emails were encountering an error after requesting their email be removed from the system. They now receive on-screen confirmation that their email was removed.
  • Attached files on emails sent to departments: When an email was sent to a department from More > Departments, recipients were denied access to any files that were attached. Now, they can access the files that were attached to the email.
  • Emoji: Emails were being cut off if an emoji were used in them, and would only include text prior to the emoji. The full emails are now sending, with the emoji being converted to "????".
  • Unsubscribe via scheduled report email: When a user tried to unsubscribe from our emails via a scheduled report email, they were getting an error and weren't taken to the correct place. Now, they correctly land on the logged-out communication preferences page for their email address/profile.


  • Editing invitation settings: Certain invitation settings were not holding while editing an event. Now they are.
  • Department admins and Rooms & Resources requests: If a group's settings prevented group leaders from requesting Rooms & Resources, a department admin was also unable to request Rooms & Resources for that group. We fixed this so the department admin is able to request Rooms & Resources.
  • Manage Events for non-U.S. churches: After creating an all-day, single-occurrence event and selecting 'Manage Event' from the event modal overlay on a calendar, some users outside of the United States were incorrectly bumped to the home page and given a red error message saying the event did not occur. We've fixed this so the user is directed to the event detail page (as desired) and no longer sees the obnoxious error message.
  • Event locations: Event locations would sometimes show the church location instead of a primary room or other location. Events now show the correct location, no matter where that location is.
  • Event admins and events on other campuses: If you were an Event Admin and someone from another campus scheduled an event utilizing rooms or resources at your campus, that event wasn't showing up in your 'Event Setup' report. Now it does — the report will display all events using rooms or resources from your campus.


  • Oversized checks and MICR scanners: There were problems when a Financial Admin tried to scan large-sized checks through a MICR scanner. We have resolved this so these oversized checks can be MICR scanned.


  • Logged-out giving page: Text transparency was inconsistent on several input fields on the logged-out giving page; these have been fixed, and the giving page once more has a coordinated wardrobe.


  • Unlisted profile phone numbers: A group leader was able to see phone numbers of unlisted profiles in their group. They're once again subject to their own admin privileges.
  • Group photo displays: There was an issue with group photos not uploading and displaying properly on the group search and individual group pages. This has been fixed, and by the way, nice photography!
  • Resizing message modal: When a group message was being composed and the message modal was resized, the user experienced some unpleasant aesthetics with the modal. Despite it being October, we figured you didn't want to be horrified, so we've improved that experience.
  • Public group finder responsiveness: When a church placed the public group finder in an iFrame container on their website, the responsiveness based on screen size was not maintained. Responsiveness has been restored (along with balance in the Force).
  • Public group finder campus/department preselction: In the public group finder, we have reinstated the ability to preselect choices such as campus and department. You can once again provide a link on your public website that uses the public group finder to show groups from only the children's department, or only from your north campus, or both.
  • Informing about Needs: After creating a Need within a group, there is an option to inform people. We changed the text on the 'Inform people' modal from 'Group members' to 'Group Participants'. Also, when only one person was being informed we now correctly show (1 person) instead of (1 people).

Mail Merges

  • First and last name search criteria: When searching the list of mail merge recipients during Step 2 of a mail merge, the search was having difficulty searching using first and last name as the search criteria. We've fixed this.


  • Image buttons: The image buttons in the CKEditor were not working. We fixed this; photos can be uploaded using the image (URL) button within the CKEditor.
  • Custom HTML editing image heights: When using custom HTML with image heights within the CKEditor, there were issues with the save/send action and content being deleted. We have resolved this.


  • Modals on mobile screens: When looking at modals on a mobile device, part of the modal was cropped off the screen. We’ve made adjustments and the mobile modal experience is vastly improved.


  • Pledge Statements: We made generating an individual's 'Pledge Statement' report more user friendly by allowing the individual to select only categories that they've actually pledged to. No more drop-down with every possible pledge category on the planet (or at least in your church ... which sometimes feels like a similar scale); just the ones the user has actually pledged to.


  • Past position statuses: If a user who had the position status of 'filled in the past' was removed from the group that the position was in, then their status was removed. It will now remain to maintain the history of their service.
  • Informing about positions: When informing people about a position, the email modal was not saving the message as a template for future use. It now correctly saves and populates the modal with your message when you are informing people.

Process Queues

  • Queue sequencing and Next Queues list: You work SO hard to get your queue sequencing just right when performing automation setup ... only to find out that when you actually work the queue and get to the 'Mark as Done' stage, the list of Next Queues is displaying in a random order. Not anymore — that queue sequencing' ordering is now reflected in Next Queues. Take heart! We have overcome the mess.
  • Attention Needed notification link: When you have a red dot in the Attention Needed bell caused by someone assigned to you in a process queue, clicking on it now takes you to 'Assigned to me'. We have no official comment on how many cats attacked screens while we adjusted behaviors related to the Red Dot.
  • Notification emails: We added some detail to process queue notification emails. Now, the name of the individual who is adding a person to someone's queue is included for reference.


  • My Fit personality option: The personality style within 'My Fit' now has an option to show 'Not Specified' for people who had previously selected a personality style, but have since decided to not display one.
  • Inactive group attendance: In a people search or custom report based on attendance, we are now including and indicating inactive groups.
  • 'Next Week' option in quick date range: The ‘Schedule Detail’ and ‘Schedule List’ reports now include a 'Next Week' option in the ‘Quick Date Range’ pulldown. Now you can see how scheduling looks for the next week.
  • Comments updating profile modified date: When you would post a comment, it would update your profile modified date. We changed it so that it would not update this date.


  • Attendance Grouping Summary: When running the ‘Attendance Grouping Summary’ report, the column that shows ‘# In Group’ was including people who were invited or requesting to join. Now it only reflects active group participants (members and leaders) and excludes individuals who are inactive, invited, or requesting.
  • Donor Analysis: When running the 'Donor Analysis' report with 'Type = Individual', the report was only returning one row of data. Now all the individuals are showing up in the report — that single row of data doesn't have to be lonely anymore.
  • Custom report email updates: When adding individuals to receive email updates of a custom report, the previous recipients were deleted so every recipient had to be re-entered instead of just adding the new individuals. This is fixed.
  • Individual Profiles: When running the ‘Individual Profiles’ report, we have added ‘Member Stop Date’ and ‘Reason for Leaving’ to be listed under the Membership section of the report, providing quick access to details on individuals who have left the church.
  • Individual Attendance Missed in a Row: The ‘Individual Attendance Missed in a Row’ report was not displaying results. The report now runs and displays On Screen.
  • Transactions by Batch or Date Range: We added a column for the memo line to the 'Transactions by Batch or Date Range' report.
  • First/Last Given Detail: We added the ability to choose more than one COA category in the 'First/Last Given Detail' report.
  • Inactive Spouses on giving statements: When there was an 'inactive' Spouse for a family and a Family Giving Statement was run for a date range where that inactive Spouse did not have a gift, the inactive spouse name was improperly showing up on the Family Giving Statement header and footer/mailing address area. We have fixed this so an inactive Spouse's name does not show up on the Family Giving Statement if they do not have transactions during the range for which the report is run.
  • Birthday List: The 'Birthday List' report was having trouble calculating the proper age to display in the 'Age To Be' column. We got it a math tutor and added some useful information in the tooltip to help users understand the data given the date range selected.
  • Transaction by Amount: The 'Transaction by Amount' report was totaling twice with an Excel output. It now only shows one total row.
  • Individual Attendance Summary: We've added text to differentiate the two Individual Attendance Summary contextual reports that are visible to a group leader when clicking on the reports icon from the group's page. We've now clarified which 'Attendance Summary' report contains the settings for missed/attended frequency criteria.
  • Deceased spouses on Giving Statements: We ensured that a deceased spouse shows up on a Giving Statement if the spouse has a transaction during the selected date range. If a deceased spouse does not have a transaction during the selected date range, we do not show them on the Giving Statement.
  • Pledge and Giving Detail: In some instances, the CSV output was not working for the 'Pledge and Giving Detail' report when the 'Family' type was selected. We've fixed this so users are able to download the CSV report.
  • Department Summary: When a Department Admin would try to run a 'Department Summary' report from the Department section using the contextual reports icon, they were met with an endless spinner of death. We heard Admiral Ackbar declare that "it's a trap!" and jumped in to ensure the report runs properly from now on so the Department Admin can get their information.
  • Attendance Grouping Summary: We took the 'Attendance Grouping Summary' report back to the drawing board to make sure it returns the proper results. Events with an attendance grouping are now included regardless of the group's attendance grouping. We also made sure to only include groups with events during the selected date range.
  • Merchant Settlement Summary: When exporting the 'Merchant Settlement Summary' to Excel or CSV, two total rows were being displayed, with the second total row doubling the actual total. We now are showing a single total row with the correct total.

Rooms & Resources

  • Approval group leaders and events on other campuses: As an approval group leader for Campus A, you couldn't see event rooms or resources needing your approval if the event was created in a group belonging to Campus B, even if the event was requesting a room or resource you managed. We fixed this so approval group leaders can see any requests to use a room or resource they manage regardless of the campus requesting it.
  • Usage conflicts: When viewing Rooms & Resources usage conflicts, the 'All Event Names' filter was actually only showing three months' events. We expanded it to show 24 months and changed the label from 'All Event Names' to 'Next 2 Years'.

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