Software Performance and Customer Service Issues

software_performance_and.jpgYour experience with Church Community Builder matters deeply to everyone at our company. Our CEO, Chris Fowler, has written a personal letter to convey his apologies for recent issues and communicate plans for improvement.

I am terribly sorry our software was slower than normal this January (frustratingly and, in some cases, unacceptably so). I know you depend on our service, and when it fails to perform as expected, it affects many processes in your church. While this was going on, the software service we use for our customer support also experienced multiple issues and technical downtime (that company gave visibility into this on their twitter feed here), which tested your patience with us even further.* I want to share three things with you:

  1. I am very sorry.
  2. We began investigating the causes of the software’s poor speed as soon as the problem began. The main issue was giving statement processing volume, which was much higher than in years past. We immediately worked to get more servers in place (in fact, we doubled our server capacity). Next, development teams implemented some immediate fixes and long-term improvements so giving statements will no longer affect activity from day-to-day software usage. Finally, we found a few other issues affecting performance with calendars, events, and rooms & resources. We have begun releasing adjustments in those areas and are continuing to make improvements. (You can get visibility into software changes as they come from our Ongoing Improvements blog, which is kept updated with all the bug fixes that go out between releases.)
  3. Even before the customer support software we use went down, our support turnaround time lately has been unacceptable. Our whole reason for existence is to help you be more effective so more disciples of Jesus Christ are made and growing every day, and we only accomplish that when your needs as a church leader are being met. I and our entire team are working hard to build up the incredible customer service I want Church Community Builder to be known for again.

Your experience matters to us. I am very sorry for the problems these situations caused you and your church. Know that my team and I will continue striving to support you better.

Chris Fowler

*If you contacted us on February 4 and have not heard back, your ticket was lost due to our support software provider’s technical difficulties. Please resubmit your request and we will respond as soon as possible.

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Posted by Church Community Builder Marketing Team on Feb 16, 2016 4:00:47 AM