Building Community in Times of Crisis

As our communities are taking direction from government and health officials to refrain from in-person gatherings, there is no greater opportunity than now to leverage technology in a way to enhance community.  As a partner, we wanted to round up some resources to better support you and your church’s efforts in this season. Keep your eyes on this space as we will be updating this blog weekly with additional resources.

Strategy Guides

  How to Pivot to a Digital Strategy in Times of Crisis
Preparedness Checklist How to Pivot to a Digital Strategy
Our current cultural climate calls for connection. Having a plan in place to reach and connect digitally with your people is crucial. As you are faced with the decision to restrict in-person services, here’s a checklist to help you quickly pivot to a digital strategy provided by our team at Pushpay!


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Quick Tip Videos

  Identifying Your Community's Needs
Identifying Your Communitys Needs

Are your people lacking the basics? Staple pantry items, toothpaste, medicine, toilet paper?! Does your flock want for deeper needs? Grief counseling, assurance, prayer… hope? Are there school children in your midst, who could potentially miss several meals? The list of needs is seemingly endless. How do you, as the Church, help identify, organize, and execute the support that is needed in your community right now?  

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Fulfilling Your Community's Needs
Fulfilling Your Communitys Needs

You have been identifying your community's needs but how do you follow-up with everyone in a timely manner without anyone getting left behind?  Watch this quick video to see how Forms and Processes can alert you and support your teams to quickly help people in this season. 

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Emailing Your Entire Church
Emailing Your Entire Church

Whether you're sharing your recent Live Stream recording or you need to send out an encouraging message from your pastor, you need to be able to quickly email your entire church.  This video will walk you through the steps on how to email your congregation including some best practices. 

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Blog Posts

  Aiding In Disaster Relief
Aiding in Disaster Relief

When a disaster strikes, it's critical to move fast to get people in need connected with people who can help. Even long after the initial incident, there are still countless ways people need aid in rebuilding their lives. We know your church body is already a population eager to mobilize to support each other and those in surrounding areas, so we wanted to remind you of some of the tools in the software you can use to assist your efforts.

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Additional Support

Covid-19 User Group
COVID-19 User Group

We wanted to make it a little easier for you to connect with other churches as you pivot during this time so we created a specific User Group dedicated to this season. Lets keep helping each other and support those in need while building our virtual community. 

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Complimentary Support by Generis
Complimentary Generis Support

There has never been a more critical time to steward your givers well and protect the giving that supports your mission. You do not need to do this alone.  The team at Generis has the experience and the heart to help and they are offering complimentary support AT NO COST during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Help Articles

Use this feature to allow your group members to publicize needs they have or care opportunities.  

Our newest feature in schedules that allows you to publicly invite people to serve without needing a profile in your software.  Use the public link to advertise on social media, in emails, and even in texts!

Processes are a great way to establish a care initiative or check-ins with vulnerable or senior individuals.  Make sure your people don't fall through the cracks by using Processes.  
Text messages are a great way to keep your people informed about changes to services, special opportunities, or words of encouragement.
Mail Merges are used to send out a mass email with links, images, and attachments to a group of people in your software.  Perfect for sending Kids Ministry curriculum to parents, or a quick update to your congregation.
Instead of exporting your reports to screen or a CSV file, why not try exporting your report to a Google Map.  Use this feature to find out where your seniors are located to create a plan for grocery deliveries!
Need a way to capture first time guests who are watching your streamed services?  A digital form can be used to replicate your paper connection form and shared through a public link.  No logins or profiles required. 


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