[Resolved] Check-In Experience 3/14/21

On, March 14, 2021, our system experienced an outage with Check-In. We wanted to give an account of what happened and what our next steps are as a team.

At 7:00 AM MDT our team was made aware of an issue with Check-In. Churches were receiving errors at set up communicating that “No Events [Were] Available” in Check-In kiosks.

With that information our team worked to identify the problem and put in a fix. We identified that the error was due to our systems not correctly adjusting for this morning’s Daylight Savings Time shift. After further investigation and testing, at 10:00 AM MDT, our team deployed a fix to all sites.

After monitoring and shipping an additional, more comprehensive fix, at 11:22 AM MDT we were able to confirm that all sites had been successfully updated, resolving the issue with Check-In.

We know an error with Check-In is a very stressful and inconvenient experience to you, your teams, and your congregation and it is never the experience we want for you. Our teams will be discussing and investigating further this week how we can better support you and your church in the future.

In the future, if you have any questions about system statuses and up time, please review and subscribe to https://pushpay.statuspage.io/history. We also would like to encourage your church to review your Check-In Backup Plan and make sure all processes are in place to support outages, like today’s or others -  such as internet and power outages. Hopefully you never have to use it, but, thankfully, you’ll have one just in case.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as our teams worked to resolve this issue

The Church Community Builder and Pushpay Team

Be sure to follow @ccbtech on Twitter to get quick updates on system status. You can also visit status.churchcommunitybuilder.com/ for an instant view of our uptime. While we try our hardest to prevent any outages, we know they can happen. We recommend ensuring your church has a Check-In Backup Plan in the event of an untimely outage.

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Posted by Church Community Builder Marketing Team on Mar 13, 2021 1:23:00 PM