Introducing Checkr Integration!

We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership: Checkr. As our first fully-integrated background check solution, Checkr allows you to see and order a background check right from a person's profile within the Church Community Builder software. It's never been easier, faster, or more accurate to screen your applicants.

Why an Integrated Background Check?

Background checks are critically important to ensure the safety and security of your church community. Beyond just screening your staff, a thorough and efficient background check process allows you to cast a wide net for the volunteer opportunities in your church, with the peace of mind that you are still prioritizing trust and safety above all else.

With a fully integrated solution, you can seamlessly go from verifying a person's eligibility to adding them into groups, positions, or process queues to continue their next steps. This new integration also makes it easier than ever to see when a background check has expired, so you can make sure your files are current and accurate.

 The addition of the integration with Checkr is a game-changer for our church. It streamlines the process for our ministry leads, removing many of the steps we previously had to complete for running a background check.

Having the background check process built in as a native feature allows for those background checks to be tied to other areas of the software, truly bringing it all together for us. The amount of time that this new integration will save us is almost immeasurable for a church of our size and we are thrilled!

— Angie Bullock, Church Unlimited

In this day and age, we know that the security and safety of your congregants is of the utmost importance. This is why we chose to partner with Checkr to provide an-depth integrated platform for our church partners.

Checkr runs more than one million background checks per month for more than 10,000 clients, including Uber, Lyft, Adecco, and Allstate. Checkr maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a ‘Very Good’ rating from Consumer Advocate, a 4.3/5 score from G2, a 4/5 score from PC Magazine, a 4.8/5 score from Capterra, and a 4.3/5 score from Glassdoor.

Church Community Builder offers integrations with other background check providers, and it’s ultimately up to each individual church to decide which provider best fits their ministry’s needs. You can learn more about our other integration options on our Preferred Service Providers page.

Getting Started

Setting up your Checkr account is fast and easy! If you are the Master Administrator or Edit System-wide Settings Admin, you can set up your account by going to Settings > Integrations. Just click the Connect button beside the Checkr row, and you'll be taken to the sign up form.


From there, you'll just fill out a few simple pieces of information to create your account and connect a payment method. Account verification only takes a few hours, so you'll be able to start running background checks in no time!

You can also customize how long your background checks last, from 1–5 years, or you can set them to never expire. Change this setting by going to Settings > General > Child Protection > Set Background Check Expiration Date.

Running a Background Check

Once your account is set up, you can order a background check with the click of a few buttons, right from a person's profile. If they've never had a Checkr background check before, just navigate to their profile > Actions > Order Background Check. You'll be able to choose what kind of check to run depending on the role or responsibilities the person will have.

Running a Background Check

Once you've ordered your background check, you can scroll down to the 'Background Checks' card on their profile to see the status, expiration date, or order another check if needed.

Background Check card
Learn More

For more about this exciting new integration, head over to our Knowledge Center. It's full of helpful articles to guide you through setting up and using your Checkr service:

We are also hosting a live training webinar on Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019 with members of the Checkr team to walk you through this new integration and answer your questions.

Checkr Training Webinar Recording

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